Off road eventually

Posted on: 21 May 2017

After Wednesdays run I got a phone call from a frantic step mum, my dad was ill again with suspected septicemia. I rushed up to see them and spent most the day there. To cut a long story short I got stranded at Haslemere Station at 11:30pm, had to wait for Mrs K to come get me then we had to drive back to Egham in the morning to collect my car (it had broken down but worked perfectly when got to it the next day). Spent time there and by the time we finally got home I was just too tired to go for a run.

So I thought I would do it on Friday but Mrs K had other ideas. Do this, do that, go here, go there, I seemed to spend the day running around after everyone else. The only time I actually got to myself was spent in a florist buying her an anniversary gift. So no running.

Ok, I'll make up for it on Saturday. Will I heck! It was our wedding anniversay so again I was with Mrs K for most of the day. Had to take daughter No 4 out for a while to buy Mrs K a birthday present (Monday) but that was the only time I was away from her. Although it was just another day (we had decided to let it pass and not celebrate) we ended up going for a meal in the evening. I'm an old bloke now, I know that if I had 'let it pass' I would have been in trouble lol.

So on to Sunday. I was determined to get out and finally I did. Took the dog down the old railway line to one of my favourite runs. Secluded, off road, peaceful, quiet, and full of bloody mountain bikers today! There must have been some kind of rideout happening as I rarely see more than one or two on that route. Got to what I know is the 1 mile point and carried on a bit further, roughly 1/4 mile more. It was harder coming back and I walked a little. No timer as the dog was with me and as I have said before, he slows me down.

Never ever give up

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