Peeing, hills and too far.

Posted on: 25 May 2017

But not all in one run, thankfully. 

Monday - Mrs K's birthday so nothing happened (run wise)

Tuesday - was a weird run today. Did the 2 mile route. I needed a pee before I started but was in a public place so had to hold on for a bit, got somewhere sutiable and had a good long wee. Obviously that slowed me down a bit, first mile ended up being 11:15!! Bit fast really but happily accepted. Second mile took longer despite not walking at all, finished in a tad over 23 minutes. I really expected mile 2 to be a little faster as I hadn't stopped. 

Wednesday - somehow I managed to find another b'stard hill to run up! Dropped Mitch at football, drove into the country to find a suitable off road route, spotted an interesting looking hollow way in some woods so set off. Only managed two minutes before I walked, it was up hill, a loose flint track and bloody steep. I couldn't see it all from the road and just went with it. I carried on, walked to the top of the hill, re set Runkeeper then ran down the other side which was a gravel track amd a gentler slope. Did 1¼ miles, turned round then went back. Bit of walking on the return but I ran all the way back to the car. And let me tell you, running downhill on a loose flint track is NO FUN! 

Thursday - thanks to Mrs K and 9 yr old daughter I actually covered 3½ miles instead of 2! . It was very hot out today and Mrs K and Elouise decided to join me, on their bikes. So I chucked my garmin in the wifes basket and off we went. Mile 1 was fine but a little further on Ellies handlbars flopped and she couldn't ride her bike. Being the sensitive dad I am I had ran off ahead so was unaware of this. I thought they would catch me up so I carried on and got home before them. Got in to a phone call from Mrs K asking me to drive out and rescue them as they were stranded and unable to cycle home. A tool kit soon sorted them out and when they finally got home the Garmin had measured the distance as 3.5 miles. I thought it was nearly a mile less than that.

Friday is a rest day.

Never ever give up 

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