Uneventful - but happy with that

Posted on: 28 May 2017

Friday was a rest day.

Didn't make it out yesterday, no reason other than laziness. The storm that started at 4:40am woke me up and I never really got back to sleep after that so I was tired most of the day (I didn't get to bed until 2am so there was a serious lack of sleep)

Today I have felt OK and able to run, so I did. I am fairly pleased with todays run non stop (except to put the dog on and off his lead at one point). I wanted to do 3 miles non stop so I did (it's all in the mind see?). I did want to walk but I just slowed down and kept plodding along. Nothing happened on todays run, just me and the dog running. Boring.

I've not actually entered a race since VLM 2012 so I think it's time I did. Been waiting until I can run 3 miles non stop, not believing that I am comfortably there yet but I just did it once so I have a building block to work from. And the purpose of this blog is to record my training for VLM 2018 so I need to work out a plan, work out some races to enter and work out how to shift 2 stone at least. I could start by eating less crap food and maybe even enter my nearest Parkrun.

Never ever give up

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