I know, I know...

Posted on: 30 May 2017

That's two "I knows."

The first one is to say "I know that the title of the blog still says 2016 and it is now 2017."   But there are only so many "internal server errors" that a man can be told about before he fears he may have logged on to BA by mistake.  Topical, bit of current affairs there. :-)

The second one is to say "I know that the Chairman has been very lax about doing anything regarding this year's run, and then he comes along and suggests that it may be in only 3 weeks..."

So, what do we reckon?  We Buzzers like a challenge.  Can we get our 5th Great Oggie Run up and running in 3 weeks?  I'd say "YES."

To those who are new, here's the premise.

Way back in 2013, one of our number, the legend that is Oggie, suggested that we should pick a day every year, and all run.  Run wherever we are. Run for as long as we want.  Run when we want.  But, for that one day, the ties that bind us will bind us stronger than ever.  The phrase has always been "shoulder to shoulder."  Has always been.  Will always be.  It's just the way is it.

We run every year for a charity close to a Buzzer's heart.  The reason?  Well, you know of course.  The reason is that if it matters to one of us, it matters to all of us.  So, we run together.  Shoulder to shoulder again.  We donate what we can, as little as we want, as much as we feel.

So, in 2013, we ran for NASS and for Bolty and Kat's charity - how wonderful that it was Hollywood's dad who picked that charity out of a hat containing all of the other worthy causes .  In 2014, it was Tania's suggestion, Louie's Helping Hands.  In 2015, it was for the Cardiomyopathy Association in memory of Gaelle's husband.  Last year, we ran for the Eve Appeal to help raise money for research into the cancer that Michelle is fighting so bravely, with her lionheart (and our head coach) by her side.

And this year?  Well, over to you.  Let's hear from you.  Suggest a charity and let's take it from there.  Name one that's close to you and we'll draw one out of a hat and all raise a bit of money for it.

And so to the date?  What do you reckon?  Can we get our daps laced up for the weekend of 17 June?  If ever there was a "shoulder to shoulder" time, surely that's it.  For that is the weekend that the Daves, Hollywood and Red, do battle with the Wall.  That's also the weekend of the HU5K (and that's another blog that's needed, as my alter ego of course!).  I say "of course we can."

Shoulder to shoulder.


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