Posted on: 30 May 2017

Wha the heck is going on? 3 miles on Sunday, OK, it's tradiotnally LSR  and it was an improvement on what I have been doing so I'll accept that.

Monday, went out with Mrs K and 9 yr old on their bikes (on her fixed bike I might add). I often run round IBM nature reserve but it was locked today (probably to do with Mutiny Festival across the road over the weekend).  So I had to change the route a little but I had Mrs K and 9 yr old for company. For a mile. Then I somehow managed to out run their cycling. I got a a bridge over the motorway and they were nowhere in sight so I stopped (the watch as well) and waited for them. About 3 minutes later (could have been more) I spotted them so set off again only to bump into an old work colleague at the bottomofthe bridge. Stopped again for about a minute (watch too) to have a quick chat then set off again. Got half a mile along the road, Mrs K and 9yr old not in sight again.Stopped (watch as well), waited, walked a bit then spotted them coming out a different road (they got lost). Caught up, restarted watch and off I went, to again out run them. Their excuse is that 9 yr old was moaning her legs hurt and she couldn't cycle any more. Finishe duponexactly3 miles in 35:54. Now I would normally  be pleased with that but the breaks helped me keep up a slighty under 12mm pace so I will not take it as a true pace.


I do it again. Well today I set off for a 2 miler (thinking I should keep it easy and steady, not do too much too soon). Mile 1 in 11:15 (!!), instead of turning round there I carried on until the end of the path, it circles back on itself so I thought the little loop wouldn't hurt. I actually felt pretty good, felt I was on a slightly faster pace than usual but also felt that I could keep it going. Got to 1.5 miles, took a 30 second walk, did the same at 2 miles and by then I felt that I was doing well and wanted to carry on a bit more. So I added an extra loop in somehere, walked for 30 secs at 2.5 miles and finished an unexpected 3 mile run in 35:15. Even better than yesterday. 

Never ever give up

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