It is warm out there..

Posted on: 02 Jun 2017

..but I've been cracking on. I haven't stopped running, well, yesterday but that was a rest day. Usually my rest days are Monday and Friday but this week that plan seems to have gone tits up. 3 on Monday, 3 on Tuesday, I even did 3 on Wednesday. Again, nothing happened that is worth reporting back to the World of Realbuzz. You know, sitting here on Friday I can't even remember where I went running, it was that eventful!

I took a very sensible view on Thursday (plus I was absolutely knackered) and pulled my rest day forward. I had things to do (tip runs, kids etc) (not dumping the kids at the tip!!) plus 16 yr old was having friends round for a BBQ so I wanted to stay 'close', although I did end up in a local Indian restaurant for dinner. But no running.

Friday (today) is incredibly muggy out there. No sunshine but it's very close so I only did a 2 miler today. Being sensible and not overdoing it or wimping out 'cos it's too hot? Whatever, it's done. Mile 1 in exactly 12mins, mile 2 with a couple of short walks in 11:54. Work that out.

Ha, Wednesday has come back to me. Sainsburys to home. As previously reported, a non eventful run. 

My blogs are getting boring, gonna have to liven things up somehow.

Never ever give up

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