Green is for go!!

Posted on: 06 Jun 2017

OK, here we go.  Green is the colour.  Green is for go!!
You may have seen the fab video that HD posted last night – the suspense he managed to build up as we waited for the grand announcement of this year’s chosen charity was something else.  I loved the blindfolding of course, but I’m also pleased he didn’t crash into something and damage the baton!

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase.  It’s awesome that we support a charity every year, and it’s doubly awesome that it’s always one close to a Buzzer’s heart.  As I said the other day, if it matters to one of us, it matters to all of us.

So, every charity, and there were six, nominated were special in their own way.  Each were deserving of our time and, if we can manage, our donation.  A draw from a hat seemed the fairest way of doing it, and thanks to HD for doing that.

The result?  It’s the Down’s Syndrome Association that we raise money for this year, the charity chosen by Maxine, and close to Yve’s heart as well.

So, we’ve got it all now;

Date?  17/18 June.

Time?  Whenever you want.

Distance?  Up to you; as far or as short as you can manage.

Location?  Wherever you are.

Charity?  Down’s Syndrome Association.

Colour?  Green.

Donation amount?  Whatever you want.  We all know that every charity we support will use every penny we raise.

Social media?  Please do take photos so that we can see how we’re all doing.

Any other information?  Not really.  Just lace ‘em up, get out, and have some fun.  Running’s a simple old thing really isn’t it?!  I leave the front door and I put one foot in front of the other until I finish.  This weekend above all others, though, I know that I do it with a spring in my step, a cause in my mind, and shoulder to shoulder with some of the best, most inspiring, mates a man could hope to have.

Oh, and, finally and very importantly, the Just Giving page is up and running.  If you are able to give something, it would be greatly appreciated.

Shoulder to shoulder!!

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