Posted on: 08 Jun 2017

Forgive me Realbuzz, it has been 6 days since my last entry, and run. I have reasons, not excuses. Though you may think maybe not.

I ran last Friday, 2 miles, blogged it.

Saturday - was a football tournament for my 14yr old boy, we sat in the sun all day, 9:30 am - 6:00pm. I am very fair skinned and despite the factor 50 I still got burnt (so did he). Too tired to run by the time we got home.

Sunday - was a day of recovering from the sunburn (he was worse than me, he didn't put any suncream on!). I wasn't too bad but still felt the effects so didn't do anything except hide indoors.

Monday - I started a new job. Didn't get home until after 7pm, a days induction and 6 hours driving had taken it's toll so  went to bed early.

Tuesday - day 2 of induction/training, I spent it in the warehouse of the company I was working for. It killed my back. The reason I took the delivery driving job was because I know my capabilities and continuous warehouse work isn't one of them, all the heavy lifting, walking around carying heavy boxes etc really hurt. I walked out after 6 hours. 

Wednesday - back bloody kills me! I know it will take a few days to settle then a few weeks to feel right again. Rested it all day.

Thursday - back actually feels quite good. So I went for a run (Doc will go mental if he knew!). Did 3 miles in less than 36 minutes, with a bit of walking and stretching. Happy but let's see if it twinges later on. It did during the run but no more than it ever has before.

I keep telling myself that if I get fitter, if I lose weight, if I train well, I will run another marathon. In all honesty, if half a days work in a warehouse did that to me I doubt I'll ever even complete a half marathon. But with the right positive mental attitude, you never know. Watch this space. Because I will...

...Never ever give up

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