12 June

Posted on: 12 Jun 2017

3.6 Miles                                                                                                     44 min 11 sec                                                                                            Warm and sunny with a stiff breeze                                                    home, Ports Creek to railway bridge, Foxes Forest, Peronne Road, London Road, Guru, home.

Well that was bit slower, or not as far, as I thought it would be. Been sitting around all day thinking of reasons I don't need to run but when Mrs K started nagging about (take your pick from) housework/laundry/pets/kids/shopping/noise/heat/the price of cheese  I found a reason to go running! Plus I had an errand to do so I ran it instead of driving.

I didn't run Saturday as Mitch had his football presentation in the afternoon and I was out in the evening. The kids did challenge the dads to a match but I was off elsewhere so had to decline, lucky actually as several of the dads who did take part are now injured.

We were at another all day football tournament on Sunday and his team won so that made it another long day. Funny how sitting around in the sun and only getting up to go watch a football match can be so tiring.

Right, it's gonna be a new style blog from now on. I need to record my times and mileage so I can see if there are any improvements.

Never ever give up


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