Been busy

Posted on: 13 Jul 2017

In the last month since my last entry I have been running quite regularly but the apps I used on my phone seem to have stopped recording them. Runkeeper and MapMyRun both went tits up and lost all data, not even saved on my PC. I found a new app to use but that doesn't link to the computer but they are saved on my phone.

During the recent mini heatwave I went running late at night instead of during the day, by late I mean around midnight. It is a lot cooler, better for me and the dog obviously, there is a lot less traffic so we can run roadside and there are no other people about, and no other dogs! I did get stopped by the police the other day, they were suspicious that a bloke was running at that time of night but the shorts, the sweaty top, the dog with a torch attached to his collar (well, a bike light) I think convinced them that I was genuine and not running from a crime.

I have also upped my runs now, 4 miles instead of 3 each time. Last night I had to pick my son up from the cinema so I got there early and set off for a 4 miler along Southsea seafront. I had literally just turned back when he called me to say he was out so I had to step up the pace on the return leg so he didn't have to wait too long. I was 2 miles from him and that would usually take me at least 24 minutes, the return leg took me 22m 41s. Not comfortable at all but proof that I can do it.

I will try to get into the habit of blogging daily again. 

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