Got it!

Posted on: 23 Jul 2017

Figured out why my apps weren't working, apparently I had run out of 'data' on my phone so it wouldn't work out of the house.  I know nothing about these things, my kids have to tell me! As for running without apps, I do it sometimes. Runners tend to know where the mile mark is, the 3 mile route, whatever target we are aiming for is so we don't need them but we all do like to keep any eye on the time we took. That way we can congratulate ourselves or beat ourselves up (whichever is appropriate). 

I took a rest day on Friday, was just not in the mood for running. I actually thought it would be a trhee day rest as we were doing a car boot sale on Saturday morning and probably today as well. Got to yesterdays at 0700am to find it was cancelled due to the weather then found out todays was cancelled too. So I found time to fit in a little run along Southsea seafront. 3.5 miles took me 40 minutes, seems a little fast compared to my usual pace but I'll take it.

Got another busy day today despite the car boot being cancelled so it looks like being another late night run.

Never ever give up 




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