Boring run tonight

Posted on: 26 Jul 2017

Popped out for another 4 miler tonight, was going to go when Mitch was at football but I ate shortly beforehand and didn't think it would be sensible to run on a full stomach. Finally got round to doing a lap of IBM lake at 8:43pm, starting from my house and tagging a bit on at the end to complete the distance. A little slower tonight, took me 47m 04s but I won't complain after doing two runs in two days. The splits are 11:26 - 12:23 (!) - 11:41 - 11:32 so once again, I found a silly speed last mile. I think that is because I slow right down for a lamp post or two then try to make up the speed I have lost, and more than compensate for it, by running much faster for the next dozen or so (lamp post, road crossings, trees, whichever markers I choose). Nothing exciting happened tonight so this will be a short blog. 

Nick, I will take that as a compliment lol. Maybe 15 years ago I would have been happy to take them on but not any more, I am way too old and soft for that sort of thing now. 

Going to have an early night, lately I have been out running at 11pm ish (or even later) and by the time I have come down it is 2:00/2:30am. 

Never ever give up


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