Like father, like daughter

Posted on: 04 Sep 2017

A few months ago I came back from a training run to hear the tail end of a conversation between my daughter and her granny (my mum).  Basically it seemed that little one thought it was good that daddy did a lot of running because it makes you fit and one day she’d like to try it too.

Proud parent alert!  Although, in reality, I think she’s just sold on the idea of medal bling.   

So after I’d signed up for the Birmingham International Marathon I noticed the equivalent junior event.  At previous races I’ve taken part in, they’ve always held the kids’ runs at the same time (or at least starting shortly afterwards) which is fine if you’re spectating, but not a lot of use if you’re a participant.

Cleverly for Birmingham this year, the junior runs are the day before and they’re holding them at Alexander Stadium – same venue as the starting point for the marathon.  So I picked my moment and asked the other week if she’d be interested in trying it out.

The medal peaked her interest… the promise of a new pair of trainers sealed it!  And so, at the tender age of six, mini me will make her debut in the one mile shuffle this October, sporting some very nifty purple and gold Reeboks. 

I’ll refrain from drawing up a training programme, but we will do some practice jogs together over the next few weeks.  I hope it peaks her interest – I know it did when I was young and used to love entering fun runs from about 10 up until late teens.  If not, well the trainers will look nice with a pair of jeans or something and we’ll just have to stick to swimming.

Away from my masterplan to create the next Jess Ennis or Paula Radcliffe, I am pleased to report that training for the main Birmingham event is going quite well.

Injury update – thigh doing just fine, ankle varying from run to run.  When I push, either with pace or distance, it does throb a bit.  But I’m pretty sure I can put up with it.  Hopefully when I start to taper it will ease off fully.

Distance wise, well I now have a 19 miler under my belt.  It was slow as the weather was very warm and I was forced to run mid afternoon rather than my usual early morning – but said miles are in the bag regardless and that’s what counts.

I also managed to stick to my programme while holidaying in Wales – two five milers.  We were staying in a lodge about half a mile from Bala lake.  The views were stunning, but that’s because the lodge was up on high and the climb back up from the lake shore was absolutely brutal!  But I loved it and a bit of hill work does you good (perhaps less so with a dodgy ankle!).

This week is a big one – the longest on the programme.  Ten miles tomorrow, then six, five and finally a 20 mile long run at the weekend.  A last chance to practice pacing and fuelling strategies.  I don’t feel as fit as I did for Manchester, but who knows.  Preparation for this event has been all over the place – injuries, time constraints and a few challenges in my personal life which aren’t really for this blog, but are pretty draining nonetheless.

Anyway, stay positive and see what week 19 brings.  After that, a decent taper and a chance to rest those weary legs before the big day.  And sort out a running outfit for madam, of course.  Something that matches purple and gold…

Answers on a postcard!

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