RunwithRoxy Limping towards Snowdonia

Posted on: 13 Sep 2017

Firstly big apologies for my long absence. I have been keeping up with many of you via Facebook but sadly haven’t made enough time to write and read blogs lately. But I am back …. If you’ll still have me J, and I’ll try and briefly update you on my year to date.

My last blogs was in April, written on a post marathon high, having run with two incredible legends with the name Dave .. Hollywood and Red. It was a truly fantastic day and I knew one way or another I had to be in Snowdonia with you all to support HD through his final marathon.

From Manchester I flew directly to San Diego for work, without going home first and disaster almost struck…. BA lost my luggage!! This is when you realise what is replaceable and what is not i.e. my finishers medal!! Fortunately it was found a few days later complete with finishers medal and my now rapidly moulding running clothes – big relief.

Once back home again my thoughts turned to maintaining my level of fitness in the hope of picking up a Snowdonia place.  Foolishly at the end of May I was then talked into competing in one of these daft tough mudder events. The running didn’t concern me but I hate cold water and heights and so was not particularly looking forward it. To my surprise I loved most of it, even if I have never been so muddy in my life.

Frustratingly though, half a mile from the finish, running down a hill, I turned my ankle over on the loose leaves and peat. I went down with a crash. Net result a swollen purple ankle and no running for a couple of weeks, but worse still, it brought back on all the Achilles’s and ankle problems that I have suffered on and off with for a couple of years. Dam and Dam and double dam

So running through the summer for me has been slow careful runs and long recoveries, protecting my ankle and gently stretching my Achilles.  My monthly mileage log for July (45km) and Aug (85km) reads more like peoples weekly mileage. I have had to be careful with speed running as pushing off big time from my toes sends pain down the back of my Achilles. Thoughts of marathon running were put on the back burner.

Then out of the blue in early Aug Gaelle kindly offered me first refusal on her Snowdonia place. Can I do it? Can I get back up from 5 miles to marathon fitness again in 11 weeks? Who knows? A quick check in with Hollywood (was I really expecting him to suggest I apply some caution to the idea?) and YES I was in.  Full steam ahead ….. or so I thought.

A week later I had a minor blip as work suddenly sent me on a week-long trip to Singapore. I am not complaining at all, as it was amazing, but the long work days and weekend flights didn’t quite fit with my training plan.

And finally here we are in September. Lots of 5 mile runs, three 10 miles runs and one 16 mile is all there is to shout about.  No speed and no hills. No plan for getting to Snowdonia and nowhere to stay.

Out of the blue the first two elements came together. Emelie from Sweden needed a lift (yeah a travelling companion) and Vicki had some spare room in her cottage (yeah a lovely place to stay). Thank you both for your acts of kindness here, you saved me from a lonely drive and far away hotel stay.

Just the training to take care of now…. But I actually think I’ll be ok. I am not looking for a record breaking time in Snowdonia, I just want to be there with you all and finish in front of the cut off.  Surprisingly my fitness is still there, last week I powered up bullbeggars lane (fairly tough local hill) without stopping, something I have struggled to do even during a perfect marathon training campaign. There is still time for at least three 17 + runs and if I can’t run too many hills in training I will start marching hills instead.

It will be fine. One way or another I’ll see you all in Snowdonia !!



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