Retail therapy

Posted on: 29 Sep 2017

Good evening everyone. What a week it’s been for many of the team – some epic runs and long walks.

For me it been a week or two of retail therapy to cheer myself up– with a bit of training for Snowdonia too.  Daughter number 1 has started her 3rd year back at Portsmouth Uni and Daughter 2 recently started at Bristol Uni, so I find myself with an empty nest :-(    Hence  it’s time to have a midlife crisis and invest in a fleet of……................ bikes. (Obviously a fleet of sports cars would be nice but the bank manager is not that accommodating.)

To add to my old hybrid mountain bike, and my beloved road bike I invested in a shiny new full suspension mountain bike. Running will always be my passion but I enjoy the social side of cycling and it’s a great way to keep my fitness up when the miles I can run are limited. infact some of my best marathon times have been bult around a mid length run on a saturday and a long cyle on a sunday. Roxy likes the new bike too as it’s not too fast and we can bump along the country trails together.

For my long runthis week I set off to run a good section of the Leeds to Liverpool canal. It was beautiful! Stunning country side and lots of people along the way to chat too. I stopped and started a lot, it was slow  but by the end I  had covered 16 miles and almost 4 hours on my feet.  I am happy with that, more mileage would have been good but I could feel my ankle getting more and more painful and knew it was time to stop and not push too hard.

So to make up the weekend mileage I took to my new mountain bike on Sunday morning and hit the mud and the hills big time covering 10 miles. it great to feel confident that the bike would bounce over the boulders and hold grip in the mud without me worrying about falling off. 

So now I just need to combine my flat 16 running miles with my hilly 10 cycling miles and maybe I have covered the Snowdonia marathon route in a weekend? 5 week to go now , time still to Panic  :-) 

Happy running and cycling everyone 

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