Resting......well, sort of!

Posted on: 26 Nov 2017

Hello Realbuzzers 😊

I’ve had a few weeks off long walks now while trying to let the toe and gut damage from the Saharan Challenge heal. Six weeks on and the right little toe is still dark red and peeling on all sides and the toenail is definitely changing colour. I never knew you could get a blister that went under the toenail as well 😂 The funny thing is that two weeks after we got back the little toenail fell off the other foot - wasn’t even aware of any damage 😂 Seriously I’m beginning to think little toes are far more trouble that they’re worth!

So, after we got back from Morocco on the Monday, my innards began to put up quite a protest which got worse each day - it wasn’t fun! I didn’t feel that ill, but was confined to being near a bathroom for the first couple of weeks 😕 The Saturday after we got back, it was our local Parkrun’s first birthday and I wasn’t going to miss that as I’d already volunteered as tailwalker. Dressed up as a gorilla (it was fancy dress) and dosed up  with Imodium, I managed to make it round without disgracing myself 😂😂

Things didn’t improve much the following week and after contacting one or two others who’d done the challenge, found out that all of us who’d eaten mostly salad (because of dietary restrictions) were all in the same boat. So, off to the docs I went. A week later the results were in - a bacterium that neither he nor I had ever heard of (Aeromonas viridii) which is water borne. As we’d only had bottled water during the Challenge it looks like the salads were the culprit....big lesson learned there! I was told it was self limiting and should be better in a few days. Let’s just say it hasn’t exactly worked out that way 😂😂

The following week was the Snowdon weekend and boy what an absolutely amazing weekend it was - so many incredible legends in one place!  The weekend has already been described by quite a few so I won’t say anything other that it was just the biggest privilege to be there, meet up with Buzzer friends old and new,  to support our amazing inspirational runners and to climb Snowdon again on Sunday with many of them. Every single one of them and their partners and families of them are absolutely lovely people and meeting up is to slip into the most warm and comfortable of friendships. 

We’d booked our accommodation late and stayed in an ‘unimproved 200 year old farmhouse’ on the lower slopes of Glyder Fawr looking directly down on Pen-y-Pass and across to Snowdon. It was amazing to be in such an isolated location but let’s just say that the damp, the log-burner-that-seemed-to-have-a-blocked-chimney and the very basic kitchen made it feel a bit like camping in a slate tent 😂😂   Still, the loft bedroom was lovely and cosy, the location was just superb and we loved it anyway 😀 Water was piped in directly from the stream (fed by three waterfalls) behind the house and tasted so good 😊The post marathon dinner together was fantastic and held a real shock too when Hobs and Jim presented some of us with Hawkesbury Runners shirts - I’ll treasure mine always 😘 Apologies to Max and Anita for making a sudden disappearance and losing you as we were going to the finish line - Imodium can only do so much 😂😂

Another HUGE honour came when a Realbuzz Wall of Famer tee shirt arrived in the mail. I’m incredibly honoured (and still totally stunned ) by being on the wall at all and my shirt will be worn with the greatest pride and will  remind me what an amazing community we have here on Realbuzz 😊

The Saturday after Snowdonia I had to miss out on Parkrun as ‘the bug’ was biting pretty hard - not a happy bunny at all so I went back to the docs the following Monday and he finally prescribed antibiotics. When I got home, I read the info with the pills and was pretty shocked to read ‘if you have any tendon problems do not take this medicine. Do not exercise while taking his medicine as there is a risk of tendon rupture’. What????? Well, there was no way I was taking those then! I read up some more on the bug itself, finding out that it thrives on glucose. So, I tried to cut out most sugars (no cakes or biccies😢😢)- not at all easy on a diet already severely restricted by allergies! 

At least it made things a little more controllable shall we say so by the following Saturday, back to the local Parkrun and I was only 10 seconds slower than my PB - happy with that having not run at all for 6 weeks 😊 The week after that I did get a new PB by 43 seconds and the Saturday just gone, even managed to knock off another 31 seconds. The left hip and neck continue to be a significant problem during and after running but everything else holds out just fine 😀 If I can do every Parkrun in the coming weeks I’ll earn my 25th shirt on our special Xmas Day Parkrun - now that would be special 😁😁 

This week I’m trying out a new ‘bug fix’ which came up on the BBC news this week. Researchers have come up with a cocktail of four important bacteria that should be present in a healthy gut which, unlike many probiotic supplements,  actually survives being taken by mouth. It ain’t cheap but I’ll try anything to shake this damned thing off! It smells and tastes unbelievably horrible but after only 48 hours, I’m delighted with progress and feeling very hopeful 😀 So we’ll be back into long-walk training either this week or next and I can’t wait!! We’ve pretty much decided which challenges to do next year - now I’ve just got to get on and book them! Once confirmed, I’ll share the news 😊

So in the last six weeks since the Saharan Challenge I’ve been sort of resting. Resting from long walks, but on better days, working really hard out in the local Open Space where I’m a voluntary warden. Taking out endless brambles and saplings and digging out drainage ditches must be decent cross training. On worse days, the garden has been slowly licked into shape for winter. I hopefully won’t struggle much returning to the long walks as I’ve managed to stay pretty active while resting 😂😂

Happy training everyone 😀






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