4 Jan

Posted on: 05 Jan 2018

Well the run didn't happen today but, but, but, I did something else instead. My two sons play five a side on Thursday nights and as I take the 15 yr old I always stay to watch (there is something special about watching two of your kids take part in something together, I remember two of my daughters having parts in a production of Annie once, I cried with proudness). Anyway, we got there tonight to be told they only had 4 players so I offered to step in. The plan was to just get in the way and make up the numbers. I am way too fat, old and slow to run around after a bunch of 20/30 yr old fit lads. I used to play to a decent standard, never quite made it as a semi pro but obviously I could play football. The last game I played in was a dad v lads match against my sons team when they were U14, they ran rings round us that day but I really enjoyed playing again and realised how much I missed it. Haven't played since then but last night again made me realise how much I enjoyed it and also that I haven't quite lost it (well, the pace a nd strength maybe) but the football brain was still there. We lost 7 -5 and that was with a fat old 53 yr old in the side and no subs.

So I didn't run last night as planned but I did play 40 minutes of 5 a side fotoball which, in my estimation, is a lot more than I would have done if I was out for a 15/20 minute jog.

Oh, and I ache this morning lol 

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