5 Jan

Posted on: 05 Jan 2018

Yes, I am a little stiff and sore after last nights football but not as bad as I thought it would be. I have decided not to run today but instead do another cross training session. Back in the summer I bought a home gym, it sits in the garden under the gazebo which is not ideal but there's no room in the shed and Mrs K got the hump when I suggested putting it in the living room lol. With the high winds we've had lately I have taken the roof and sides off the gazebo and just covered it over. It still gets damp though but for now it will have to do. Might have to pop some decking up in the summer and put it on there. Anyway, I cleaned it up earlier, plenty of WD40 (not that it needed it) and did a session. Three reps three times so it was a decent little work out. Didn't really get huffy and puffy but I was feeling the burn towards the end.

It's almost the  weekend now and with no football to watch my guess is the dog will get an LSR tomorrow, somewhere over the hills and in the woods. Oh, I'll run too. And the boys match on Sunday is also called off so the dog might even get a second run out. Fat sod needs it!

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