Lake Joondalup parkrun

Posted on: 08 Jan 2018

Another new (for me) venue for the latest parkrun.  This time Lake Joondalup, located in a park next to the lake itself.   Joondalup is a northern suburb of Perth in WA, this parkrun has been established for around 3 years now and there was a larger crowd than at the previous week’s event.

This time the weather was a little more kind, sunny and 18c, with a breeze helping to keep the temperature down as well.

I had a bit of friendly competition this week, my daughter and her boyfriend have joined us in Australia and he was up for a head to head challenge.  He plays football and works out at the gym so running is not his preferred sport but he had been doing a bit of training for this knowing that he couldn’t keep avoiding me!  Plus he has the advantage of being 27 years younger than me.

We set off almost together but he started pulling away after the first 400 meters, maybe he had been doing more training than he was letting on.  I just about kept him in sight as we headed along the cycle path, keeping an eye out for turtles not snakes this week!

As the course turned at times I lost sight and maybe he was pulling further ahead?  I kept going although the first mile was done in 7.26 and that, at the moment, is a little bit faster than is comfortable.  I slowed a little as we entered the next park which was where a loop around and then head back from where you came marked halfway.  Daughter’s boyfriend was now in sight and although I slowed slightly I caught and passed him shortly before half way.  If I had gone off to fast then he had definitely burnt himself out.  I ran the next mile in 7.46 which should have felt more comfortable but it didn’t, the 3rd mile was definitely uncomfortable as well and not a lot different at 7.44.  Crossing the line as the 46th finisher in 23.38 I waited to cheer on the young lad and he clocked 24.43, not too shabby for his first ever parkrun.  Will he do more I wonder?

I am going to try and squeeze in one more parkrun down here before heading home for some long and cold wintery runs.  I’ll let you know what happens.

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