Torrens parkrun

Posted on: 16 Jan 2018

Having left WA on Thursday, I arrived in Adelaide SA and brought with me some proper English summer weather.  Apparently, it was 40c before I turned up, that soon dropped to 21c and frequent showers, no sign of the sun at all.

That meant that the latest parkrun was going to be held at a more suitable temperature for once.  Grey and cloudy sky with a brisk breeze meant that the 17c felt even cooler with the windchill factor.

This latest venue was a city centre linear park, an out and back course alongside the River Torrens.

Before Europeans arrived the local Kaurna people knew it as Karrawirra Pari, and the park is on an area they called Pirltawardi which translates to Possum Place in English, the possums were abundant in the forest trees that once stood there.

Fortunately the Germans that settled in the area recorded the ancient language in dictionaries and it has been revived in recent times and adds to the heritage of the area.

The river has a dam with a weir which creates a lake, used by local rowing clubs and adds to the scenic views of the Adelaide Oval.  Scene of the second Ashes test match but we won’t dwell on that.

I will confess that I had (even by my standards) had a bit of a Friday night beforehand.  The pub next door to the hotel I was staying in served good beer, good wine and cocktails.  It was open until 2am.

I shall say no more other than I was the worst prepared ever for a run of any sort…

As this was a city centre run there was a good crowd attending and it took some time before we set off a good few minutes after 8am.

I actually felt a bit better now that I was running, certainly better than when I woke up to the 6am alarm.

I managed to start fairly near the front, it was a narrow path and very crowded for the first 1k so I pushed myself to stay away from the following crowd.  The course had a few ups and downs as it followed the course of the river, there were painted markers on the path at certain intervals including one at the turn around point.  Local councils in Australia are very keen to help promote parkrun and work with organisers to provide suitable locations and whatever else to get a parkrun established.

I knew that this might not be one of my best runs but I kept a steady pace and managed to up the pace for the last 100m or so, not quite up to Yve’s Flying Machine finish though!

I finished in 70th position out of 344 finishers, time was 24.24 with an age grading of 63.41%.  Not bad considering the night before!

This was my 65th parkrun and the fourth different venue in Oz, I do hope to get back and do some more although it’s unlikely to be for a couple of years at least.

If realbuzz lets me I will try and add a couple of photos from the day.

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