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Posted on: 17 Jan 2018

Its great to see that the site is getting really quite busy at the moment so I thought it was about time I wrote a bit of an update.


After returning from Snowdon I had a couple of weeks away from running to try and let the calf settle down which seemed to do the trick. Managed to get back out there around the middle of November just to try and get some fitness back. I must admit that the running certainly is a welcomed distraction when the madness of December suddenly decends upon us. I did succum to a cold over the festive period which lead to shorter runs than I would have liked but I still managed to get out there.


So what’s on the horizon well the kindly bearded gentleman with the red suit left me a pair of Salomon Speedcross’s, my first ever pair of trail shoes. I haven’t worn them in anger yet I’ve just been wearing them when I’m out with the dog to try and wear them in. Hopefully they’ll be new best friends by March when I’m due to tackle the Grizzly in East Devon, 20 country miles of everything mother nature can throw at you. If everything goes to plan and I manage to get a place I’m looking to do the Salcombe trail marathon along the South West coast path in May and from what I gather it’s a very low key event. I’ll then me looking to run my local half marathon in Plymouth at the end of May.


The training has been going ok since the New Year and whilst I haven’t been running with Jim’s dog I have been out more often or not with my running buddies. They certainly help on those tough tempo,threshold and hill session. Last night was a case in point 6 x 1/3 of a mile hill climbs an easy one to have backed out of and let yourself down but there’s no way I was going to let Ian and Bev down so despite the rain, sleet, hail and wind those 6.5 miles we duly banked. As for the long runs well the miles certainly go by just that little bit quicker when the banter starts. Saying that though the miles were well and truly flying by on Saturday when Bev announced she wanted to run a quicker flat long run to see if she was up to racing a half in mid Feb. The out and back route was flat and seemed to be into a constant head wind, not sure how that always seems to be the case, where I acted as Bev’s windbreak and the chater just wasn’t happening. Not a surprise really as we some how managed to cover 11 miles at 7.36 pace. Happy days. For the rest of the weekend the legs had that comforting dull ache of a good session and more quality miles.


Its nice to see those evenings finally staring to pull out, all we need now is some half decent weather at the moment though I’d settle for 3 or 4 days without any rain. Take care out there folks and stay safe.    

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