No Drama

Posted on: 19 Jan 2018

Just a quick post after abandoning my last blog due to technical hitches.

Well I've nearly finished 5 weeks of training now and things are going really rather well :-).  Nothing hurts or is injured; runs are being finished normally within traget pace; and the miles are ticking by pretty quickly.  So far I've hardly even noticed that I'm marathon training.

I think there are a few reasons why all seems to be going so well so far:

1) I'm relaxed about my pace.  It's slower than I'm used to on all the runs but I'm going with this and trusting the plan.  In the past I've always tried to beast the training sessions (especially speed sessions) and see how much better I can do than target pace.  This time I'm sticking close to the target -especially in these early weeks.  

2) I'm doing other stuff as well as the running.  I've been doing my weekly kettlebell class for a while now but David and I are also doing plenty of stretching; core work; and foam rolling at home.  

So I'm tentatively hoping that I can keep this lack of injury or illness up for as long as possible!

Tomorrow is my 5th long run.  14 miles.  I always get nervous before my long run and tomorrow is going to be especially cold.  But I'll just take it steady and walk if I have to.

Oh and of course David and I are very excited that we've both now got places for London too!  It'll only be 2 weeks after Manchester and I have no idea how my poor old body will cope with 2 marathons in 2 weeks but I can't wait!!


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