5 weeks done, or is that 3?

Posted on: 21 Jan 2018

Hello Buzzworld, I have finally got up to date with commenting on blogs so feel able to write my own now! It is so great that the excitement is building again on here, there is a real sense of anticipation as new runners and seasoned campaigners alike begin to hone their training plans as target races begin to slowly come into view on the horizon. For Jenny and Myself we have just completed week 5 of our 16 week plan for Manchester Marathon but something truly wonderful happened on Wednesday that has turned everything on its head! 

I got a whatsapp message from a friend I haven't heard from in ages, it simply said:

"Hey! So... Would you and Jenny like a place in the London Marathon?xx"

That was it. I couldn't quite believe my eyes, I thought it might be a joke. My friend is a runner, she knows how much I love to run and she knows I've failed to get in the London Marathon each year since 2013. She also happens to work part time for the Marathon and her friend is one of the few full-time members of staff who get given places in the race (I didn't know that happened either...) this friend couldn't run and so my friend was offered them and she offered them to me!  I hope nobody thinks it unfair, we did have to pay for the places but of course I'm aware we have been very very lucky!

And we are over the moon about it, despite the fact that London is just 2 weeks after Manchester, we couldn't say no could we?! So hense the blog title, we are now two weeks ahead on our training for London!

I have decided to not let this change anything about my Manchester training; the aim is still to go all out for a new pb up here and then two weeks later do what I never did the first time I ran London, ie. ENJOY IT! I've often regretted that London was my first ever marathon as it was so painful and difficult that it took some of the joy out of it. I won't let that happen this time round, particularly at mile 22! Of course I will want to do myself proud, I will also like to beat my London PB, but other than that I just want to soak up the atmosphere of this, the best race in the world, and smile from start to finish!

The training has been going very well. Week five I had always planned to alter the pace targets for all my training runs, having 'gone easy' on myself in weeks 1-4. Roughly 20-25 seconds faster per mile at each distance. Last week I was not too confident I'd be able to achieve this but as it turned out this week I was pretty spot on. This gives me a lot of confidence and I feel our cross-training regime of weights,core work, stretches and foam rollering is paying off big time. Long may that continue!

So now I am looking forward with even more excitement, I know this next 3 months is going to be hard, but think of the rewards that await!!

Happy training everyone...

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