Of Curry and Achilles

Posted on: 26 Jan 2018

Ok so maybe my resolution to blog more has not been as successful as I had hoped, but 1 per month is a lot better than previous, so small steps…

January is almost over and a “lads” weekend in Butlins Minehead means that there won’t be many more miles run this month. I did 12 on the road this morning (a vain attempt to offset the carnage that I’m about to put my body through this weekend).

Unfortunately in the early part of the month I only had time for weekend runs and then only 1 so I went long (12 & 16) and picked up an Achilles niggle as a result. Since then I’ve been going steady but have found time this week for some trail runs as well as some road.

I have Green Man Ultra booked for 3rd March and I’m way off the fitness required at the moment and I’m in that dilemma of not wanting to do myself a mischief then, that might affect VLM. However there is time yet and the trails are kinder on the Achilles so I don’t doubt I’ll be on the start line for the GMU.

Last weekend we had our Bollywood fundraiser in the village hall, for the RNLI. We’d run it in 2014 and we knew we’d get a good turn out, although with only 15 tickets sold with two weeks to go, I was rather concerned.

In the end we had 56 guests, we munched their way through poppadums with pickles, cachumba and raita, then onion bhajis and samosas and onto the mains. Lamb Rogan Josh, Chicken Dhansak, Aubergine spinach & Chickpea, Tarka Dhal, rice & nann and then to finish, classic 70’s orange segment & After Eight mints.

Like ducks on a pond the food was served with calm precision (my daughter and friend waiting on the tables), whilst the chefs (Jim, DCW & myself) flapped in the kitchen. Actually it was just me flapping as, having filled the rice cooker, I’d forgotten to turn the darn thing on.

Meanwhile my son was taking entry money off our guests (and guarding it with his life) and my wife and Vicky (the Beauty from “Beauty & The Beasts” in 2014) served at the bar.

Once the meal was done, tables cleared and then the disco kicked in as the guests attempted to dance off the calories.

Whilst hard work in the prep (wrapping 136 samosas & frying them and 75 bhajis isn’t quick) the positive comments we got made it all worthwhile. That and a profit of £1095 for the RNLI.

I have to say if anyone is looking for fundraising ideas, can find a venue and can cook, then it’s a good money spinner.

It certainly feels good that Jim and I have got off the mark with the fundraising. Time to bank more funds and more miles.

So yeah, not bad January, not bad at all.

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