Hit and miss

Posted on: 30 Jan 2018

They may have been describing football when they christened it ‘a funny old game’, but right now it captures how I’m feeling about running.  I honestly can’t work out if I’m still carrying injuries from last year or not. 

Mileage-wise, I am definitely pleased with how things have been progressing.  Steady build up from Christmas onwards with four runs a week, every week.  And my long run distance hit 10 miles last Friday.  

It wasn’t especially fast, but the pace was solid enough averaging in mid-eight minute miles.  Considering that’s the furthest I’ve ran since the Birmingham marathon in October, and I was battling the effects of the seemingly obligatory winter cold, just getting the job done was all I really set out to do.

It’s spurred me on to sneak a late entry into the Leicestershire Half Marathon at Prestwold Hall in two weeks’ time.  This is a new event and my brother is running it, taking on his first half since his teens.  I wanted to be there to cheer him across the line anyway, but I couldn’t resist the chance to pick up some bling of my own. 

I won’t be going with any ambitions of PBs, but if I can get home in around 1hr45-ish I’d be more than happy. 

Beyond that, I’m planning on doing the midweek Silverstone 10k in early May again and there’s the Vitality London 10,000 to look forward to as well.  That and Snowdon, of course, although that still seems like a very long time away.

As for the injury niggles, well it’s the usual suspects that are playing up.  Left ankle (where I twisted it during training last summer) and right thigh (Manchester marathon 2017).  Neither is especially painful and they haven’t actually stopped me running so far.  I just know they are there, inexplicably sore one week (like this one, funnily enough!), then gone the next.

There isn’t much of a pattern and I’m getting to the point now where I’m just going to do my best to ignore it.  Actually it wouldn’t surprise me if half the problem is in my head – in that I’ve experienced the worst of both injuries mid-race, so that even a twinge makes me nervous.

Hopefully things will improve.  As I say, weekly mileage is solid and the pace perfectly acceptable.  A good run at Leicestershire will give me a nice confidence boost, as well as my first medal of the year.  Watch out for a race report in a few weeks’ time.

Happy running all.  It’s great to see the site so busy with regular posts from Realbuzz stalwarts and several new faces preparing for their first spring marathons.  I’m doing my best to keep up.  Even if I don’t always manage to comment, rest assured I’m a regular reader!


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