The first weekend in March

Posted on: 03 Mar 2018

‘Let’s hope that there is no snow to interfere with my plan’ is how I finished the post last time. 

Well there has been snow and ice this week although that is not the only reason that I have not run a step this week.  My right achilles has given me grief all week.  I was walking with a pronounced limp from Monday until Wednesday, it really has been sore.  I have resorted to RICE in order to hopefully see some improvement.  A family size bag of frozen peas has been in and out of the freezer all week.  It has started to settle down now but still an ache at the top where it joins the calf muscle.  I am unlikely to get the 16 or 17 mile run in today that I had hoped.  In fact I know I won’t.  Maybe Sunday then?  Could I leave it another week?  That would leave just a week to recover.

If I don’t get it done it means I will be tackling 20 miles for the first time in two years with just a half marathon under my belt.

It’s all dilemma after dilemma…

I will admit to having done nothing in the way of gym work, strengthening or core work at all now for nine months as well.  Add in no stretching and the foam roller languishing unused behind the sofa and my preparation is seriously off track.

On the positive side however I do have an appointment at the hospital again on Monday where I will be seeing the specialist about my troublesome hamstring problem.  Right now that particular pain is actually less than the achilles.  Also, continuing the positive theme I have expanded my taste for wine to Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.  It made the perfect accompaniment last Saturday night with the tomato based pasta dish that fuelled me during the half marathon.

Perhaps I can dig the mountain bike out this weekend instead of running?   It will help maintain some CV fitness if nothing else.  Oh and give me an excuse for carb loading... more pasta and red wine needed!

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