The Marathon Gods are having a laugh....

Posted on: 10 Mar 2018

I feel as though I'm on the most ridiculous marathon training roller coaster.  It's a roller coaster with a mechanical fault which chugs along at a stop start pace and only just manages to drag itself over the puny highs before free falling down again.

It all started well.  The first few weeks ticked off with no issues but it's been a frustrating stop start ever since.

My last blog finished with a euphoric 14 miler.  I was back and ready to kick the backside of this marathon training once and for all.  I had to go to London on the Monday night so squeezed in a 4 miler before I went with the plan to do another 4-5 mile run after I got back on the Wednesday.  All was good.  Then the bloody snow came!!  The conditions were far too trecherous to run.  For goodness sake - why couldn't the Beast from the East arrive whilst I was injured and couldn't run anyway??!!!

So another few days of rest (like I needed any more).  I was due to run 16 miles that weekend so just hoped and prayed that the snow would be gone by Sunday.

We had a day trip planned to Blackpool on the Saturday.  The kids were going to the Pleasure Beach whilst us adults pottered around the town for the day.  This was booked before the arrival of all the snow and luckily, although it was freezing cold, the snow had stopped falling and the main roads were clear.  The kids had the pleasure beach practically to themselves and we had a wonderful day in Blackpool.  However, that day out has taught me a valuable lesson....don't spend 5 hours on your feet the day before a long run!!

Sunday was long run day.   I had to sort the kids out first thing and wouldn't be able to start running until around 11.00.  It was raining first thing and we watched the last of the snow get washed away before our eyes.  Result!  David was running 18 miles and me 16 and we worked out how we could bump into each other at least a couple of times.

The run started well enough.  But I started to flag at around 9/10 miles.  My calf wasn't too painful at all but the outside of both of my knees started to hurt.  By the time I got to around 12/13 miles I was in a lot of pain and, truth be told, fed up!  I hadn't seen David where I thought I might and felt pathetically disappointed.  (He called me to check where I was and it turned out we were very close to each other so he waited for a couple of minutes until I got to him for which I was very grateful!).  It was 3 miles to home for both of us now but he would obviously be going  faster than me.  

I had slowed down to a vtirtual stop but there were no shortcuts.  I had to get the job finished.  The next 3 miles were up there in some of the worst I've ever 'run'.  I was run/walking/shuffling and there were a few choice F words said out loud. It took me an age to get home and I was not feeling good!  I do think that all of the walking (and driving) the day before was a big factor but the problem is that my confidence had slipped again now.

All I ask for is a couple of consistent weeks of training where nothing out of the ordinary happens....!

I've done 2 more runs this week.  One recovery run on Tuesday; and then a run with the dog on Thursday.  I'm planning on doing 18 miles tomorrow and have my fingers, toes and everything else crossed that it's not a disaster.  I've been pretty lazy today (any excuse) so here's hoping that will help.

See you on the other side!

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