What rhymes with eight?

Posted on: 13 Mar 2018

Hi buzzers!
Wow have I been at this for 8 weeks now? Time really flies! I don't want to jinx anything but this was actually a pretty good week. *knock on wood* 

I had some thought about my situation with the dodgy hip and what has been working and not when it comes to training. And I remembered that when I went to the physio with it the first time and got my rehab exercises he told me to do them every day, preferably 2-3 times a day if I had the time. So maybe this rest thing is not the best thing after all, to get things straight, instead I decided to try doing some working out for as many days as possible this week. 

I started on Monday with some strength training at home. I have my own barbell, some dumbbells and recistance bands so I can do quite a lot on my own if I want to. So I focused on hip and core strength for about 30 mins. 

On Tuesday we had another batch of snow but I decided to go with it and got out to do this weeks speed session which was hills! Run up and down a suitable hill for 15 mins said the instruction so I did. It was quite fun actually, maybe partly because it was snow so I had very low expectations. A good session, and I stretched carefully after to keep the hip happy. Wednesday I did another session at home, but shorter, and again focused on the hip. Good times. A bit of a back ache though, I have some old issues there that show up now and then, not too bad this time so just adjust to it until it goes away.

Thursday I decided to go wild. First I did circuit training as usual but then I stayed after and ran this weeks tempo run on the treadmill. It was only 4 km but legs were fairly tired after circuit training so a bit challenging. But at least I got it done, that was the most important. Had to adjust circuit training a little, my back didn't enjoy side plank with a weight so just did a regular side plank. Apparently I'm not very strong in the side muscles because they hurt for 3 days haha. 

Friday I only took a lunch walk, was so tired when I got home and we had guests coming over. On Saturday it was a lovely day, sunshine and everything, perfect for running. But my race was cancelled and I was at work all day so nope, nothing for me. Plus, our car broke down while I was driving it from the store in the evening, so not the best of days. Now my money from all the extra work will go to fixing the car instead of buying new shoes in London so I'm not happy! Thank god running is free (when you have the gear)! 

Sunday was long run day and as I wrote on Facebook, I have had no luck with the Sunday weather the last weeks, a lot of cold, rain, snow and winds. And no exception this week, it was raining my whole run. I wore an extra layer that usually keeps the rain on the outside but it couldn't take this much. 2,5 hours and just over 18 km (11,5 miles) later I was soaking all the way to the skin. But I did my run, not very fast, and it did start to hurt after about 12-13 km (at that time I started asking my self if this marathon thing is really a good idea), but I didn't cut it short (ok it was out and back and I had already turned so shortest way home was to keep going) or stop. And that's what I take with me from this run, I got it done even though it was hard work. 

And the hip was ok with the adventures of this week. A bit achey after the long run but already felt better the next day. So I guess I'll keep going with the every day exercise and hope that's the trick. 

This coming week will hopefully include the first race of the season, 16 km on Saturday. And our parkrun is back on again, finally! The race is at the same place as parkrun and don't start until 11 so I can do both! (volounteering at parkrun though). Can you all keep your fingers crossed that we get good weather please? =) 

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