A Blog of B’s but some B words I cannot mention!

Posted on: 14 Mar 2018

So this Blog does seem to have a lot of B’s in it however some B words you may have to use your imagination for!

Firstly and foremost ‘The Beast from the East’ whom scuppered our running tour to Benidorm; sad face!  12 months I had been planning our annual trip to Benidorm and in the end out of 39 of us only 6 made it there!  2 people who’d accidently booked their flight for the wrong day, how serendipitous was that, and 4 who’d booked later so were flying from Gatwick!  We were due to fly early Friday morning from Bristol and I had been on the phone all week to Barnes coaches to check they’d still be running, in the end they were but EasyJet and Bristol Airport weren’t!  The worst snow the South West had seen for 27 years, who could have predicted that one!  So Friday and Saturday the non-Benidormers traipsed through the snow so we could console ourselves in a local hostelry.  Then on the Sunday I ran 12 miles around Calne and there was barely any snow left, just a few lumps which I identified by the carrots that lay beside them as having been snowmen in a previous life!  Oh the irony!  I am now getting my Running Crazy fix in October in Palma, Majorca!

With just 31 days until the Brighton marathon my training continues.  I feel so far behind everyone else but this this year I am following a different training approach which includes more biking and swimming so subsequently less running, which feels weird.  I am not chasing a time in Brighton I just want to finish and enjoy the race so this means this year not going to the pub at mile 12 and waiting to 26.2 miles like everyone else!  Also my return to the Long Course Weekend in July (the full Ironman distance over 3 days…eek) needs to be planned into my training now if I am going to survive.  I am assured that all this cross training will stand me in good stead for the marathon, the proof of this will be on 15 April!  With the adverse recent weather a lot of my biking has been on the Watt Bike which I have Blogged about before but basically it was designed by the British Cycling Team and is the closest you’ll get to outdoor cycling but on a static bike.  The good thing is that even I can’t fall off a Watt Bike so it gives me the opportunity to practice cycling techniques without saying hello to the tarmac on a regular basis!

We did venture out on the roads last Saturday and I was surprised by how much my confidence and ability has increased.  I still have no desire to go out cycling on my own and I continue to whinge about all the faffing that cycling entails but the offer of lunch at 40 miles was a good enough enticement to get me out on the roads for 60 miles!  I was extremely chuffed to have cycled comfortably for 60 miles but also to have completed this with no incident, falling off or crashes plus I even managed to take my hands off the handlebars for a few seconds to eat some flapjack stowed in my bike bag.  I have been strongly informed that this is something I need to practice so I don’t ‘bonk’ on the long bike rides; I love eating it’s just the combination of the two I’m not so happy with but I’ll persevere!

The day after my bike ride I had a 10 mile run with double hills; if you ran up it you had to run back to the bottom of the hill and start again and if you ran down it you then had to run back up the hill and then down it again, oh the joy!  After the previous day’s bike ride this was a test of endurance, even though I know by July this will seem like a dream to only have to go 10 miles but for now it hurt!  Unfortunately the ‘hurt’ unexpectedly continued at the end of my run when the wooden bench I parked my rear end on after my run collapsed quicker than me after a marathon!  Mid-air to the patio in under 1 second, a PB of sorts!  Just in case a neighbour saw me I did sit there for a little while as if had been purposeful and stretched, plus I couldn’t immediately get up!

This weekend it’s back to concentrating on running; The New Forest 20 but the Beast from the East is forecast as returning so it could be interesting!   Watch this space!





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