The sun has been shining in Manchester

Posted on: 17 Mar 2018

Hello all.  I hope everyone is well.

I'm conscious that my blogs lately have been a little negative, however, I feel that it's good to be honest and tell it as it is - warts and all.  Thankfully there are no warts in this post though as it's been a good week :-).

I left my last post with an 18 mile run to do the next day; after a not so good 16 miler the week before.  As always I was nervous before the run, however, I'm pleased to say that it went as well as can be expected for someone who's been injured and hasn't run that far in 1 1/2 years!  The last 2-3 miles were very slow but I didn't need to walk so that's progress!  

In the old days Tuesday would have been my speed session but I still didn't feel ready for that so decided to do a 4 mile recovery run instead.  I managed to bunk off work early so that I could join David and the dog in a local park in the gorgeous sunshine that we had that day.  David was doing a speed session around the park whilst I just plodded around.  I started off slowly and carefully but was feeling good and pain free.  In the 3rd mile I decided to have a go at picking up the speed a little and I felt great!    I managed to pull off a sub 9 minute mile which I was gobsmacked by (my first in months!).  One mile to go and I challenged myself to do this one under 9 minutes too...and indeed I did.  There was such joy in that feeling of my lungs bursting and pushing myself.  It's been a while since I've felt like I'd gone for an actual run rather than a painful plod.

Thursday was my kettlebell class and my tempo run was Friday.  5 miles and once again I nailed it.  Another couple of sub 9 minute miles in there and I felt good. 

I have no idea how I seem to have managed to improve on my speed over the past couple of months given how much my training has taken a knock!  I've been religously doing by phyio excersies and core/strength work.  Plus I'm doing at least one weights session (sometimes 2) each week: either my kettlebell class or 30 minutes of weights at home.  I guess all of that must have made a big difference. 

My calf isn't completely cured as I can still feel that something is not quite right but it certainly doesn't hurt anymore.

Tomorrow David and I have a 20 mile race in Lancaster (hopefully it won't be called off because of the weather).  As always I'm nervous about covering that distance but fingers toes and everything else crossed I could be over the injuries just in time to get to the start line of London fit to run it!

I had a funny experience in yesterday's run.  I was on a cycle path near where we live when I noticed 4 teenage lads coming towards me complete with hoodies/bomber jackets etc.  One of them broke into a silly jog as they were approaching and I was expecting some heckling or possible hassle.  But then he held out his hand (like kids do to be high fived in races); then the other 3 also started jogging in a line behind him with their hands out.  They were all smiling and I high fived them all as I went passed.  It was an unexpected cute moment that put a smile on my face!

Happy running everyone.  And for those marathon training...not long until taper time now!


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