Into the known unknown

Posted on: 18 Apr 2018

Time approaches for London, in some ways I feel ready.

The training (whilst feeling a bit rushed towards the end) has been done, the backpack and flags have been tried and tested a few times and my train tickets and apartment are all sorted. I’m not carrying any injuries (just the usual tight muscles) and I’m about to get pummelled in a sports massage. The list is written, the packing will be done tonight and re-checked tomorrow.

What I’m not ready for is the emotion.

Last week I was at RNLI HQ, a fab place in Poole where all the crews train and they make their lifeboats. I was there to dispose of some out of date boat flares and then I handed over some cheques. One of which was from the proceeds of sale of my Dad’s yacht Elite. I was explaining that and the flags on my flagpole which all come from the boat and I was choking up badly.

Then yesterday whilst outside meeting and greeting guests to our opening do (including Hugh F-W), I was sneaking a read of Jim’s VLM blog – you can probably recite it by heart, but it’s so damned good it is a pleasure to read every year. I read through the miles and Mile 10 smacked me between the eyes. The tears welled and a few flowed.

The reality is that in all the madness at work, the time spent with Mum sorting out the house and life in general I’ve not actually stopped, paused and collected my thoughts to remember why I’m running this VLM. Perhaps I shouldn’t, maybe it’s one of those “it will be what it will be”.

What I do know is that when I see my sister on Sunday the water works will start and I daresay the same will happen when I reach the massed ranks of buzzers at mile 22.5 and again when I see my family.

Dad was not spiritual in any way, but that won’t stop me looking up, at Tower Bridge and at the finish.

For all those running, enjoy every step.

For all those supporting, know that you make a positive difference to every runner who's name you shout, for every jelly baby you give out, for every pat on the back or quiet word. You make our world.

Time to pack the sun cream folks

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