An update on the long term injury

Posted on: 09 May 2018

I had a lovely day out supporting at the London Marathon this year, great weather (for us spectating anyway) and great to see so many of you.  I was so inspired that I have entered the ballot for 2019 so let’s see what will happen.

The pink umbrella! 

Right now, I am laid up at home on doctor’s orders.  I have finally had an injection into the tendons at the top of my right hamstring.  This I hope will put an end to the problem that has affected my running for around three years now. 

A couple of days of complete rest, no exercise for 7 -10 days as well (no chance of that as I have a cycle event on Sunday) and then I will be able to start building up slowly.

I really hope that this solves the injury jinx that seems to have dogged my training the last few years.  I started back at the gym a month ago working on strengthening my body which may help but I managed to pull the other hamstring running last week, I wasn’t running hard and fast, just a run along a flat canal towpath.  Maybe it is all related to the main problem and these other problems are caused by overcompensating.  I shall find out over the coming months.

I did ask the doctor if it was ok to walk next Monday, which raised an eyebrow.  I said it was only 2k and he and the nurse looked at each other before saying that it should be fine.  I forgot to mention that it was a competitive walk on the track…

Yes, the track and field season is back underway and although I missed out on my long-held ambition of a 5k at the County Champs again last Bank Holiday Monday I do plan to be racing on the track at some point in the coming months.  It’s the first fixture in the Masters League at Lee Valley on Monday and I will do my utmost to score as many points as possible for the team.

Is the Westminster Mile a buzzer meet up this year or did I imagine that?

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