Week 14 - The one in London

Posted on: 25 May 2018

It's been a while, and to write about all that's been going on in one blog would not be possible. =) But when I left you it was time for the London Marathon, I was only going as a spectator this year but planned some running during the weekend. After all I'm on a training plan. =) 

The week started with cycling to work, both Monday and Wednesday. And unfortunately that was all the training I did before leaving for London. Time is something I never have enough off it seems. I also managed to break my back while taking down laundry on Tuesday evening, so had to get an appointment at the chiropractor on Wednesday. I always get pain in the same place and usually I just rest and wait for it to go away, but since I was leaving for London on my own on Thursday I figured it would be good if I could stand up straight and carry my bag. =) I have never been to a chiropractor before and was a bit sceptical and a bit scared, I don't like the sound the bone breaking makes. But he was nice and I could feel it get better right away so glad I went there. When I woke up on Thursday I was almost pain free, it was only in certain angles I felt the pain. 

Thursday evening I left for London, and that is a long story that many of you have heard already, but to make it short I got stuck in traffic and almost missed my check in and bag drop. Then I was picked out in security for extra check ups and almost missed my flight. Running to the gate with Final call flashing on the screen was not a nice new experience to have. I came to the gate with 2 mins to spare, and was dead last to board the plane. Landed in a very warm London, and then got stuck on the train from Gatwick because of signal failure or something. Then I got stuck on the tube because of signal failure. Not a great day for traveling but finally I could check in at the hotel, and go get some dinner. Of course it was burger and milkshake from GBK, that I had in bed. =D My friends arrived a few hours later, just after midnight and then I could finally go to sleep. 

On Friday we had no rush so took our time at breakfast before heading out in the summer weather. We had planned a visit to the VLM Expo, and because of the DLR strike we had decided to try Emirates Air Line cable car for the first time. The strike was called of but we did it anyway and it was a nice way to get to Excel. The expo was not very busy yet but it felt smaller than last year and I only bought some gels to stock up (don't get them in stores in Sweden) and some hair bands. 

After that we went to St Pauls to have lunch and then the real shopping started. =D Ended the evening with Jamaican food at Rum Kitchen in Notting Hill, a brilliant day in London. 

Saturday was of course parkrun day! Decided on Southwark parkrun since I had a good route planned to run back to the hotel after. I made a mindf*ck and forgot that Southwark parkrun is not close to Southwark tube station but Canada Water tube, so we came very late and just made it to the start. Missed the briefing but thankfully found buzzer Yve and her friend among all the people so they could update us on the new course. Of we went and because of the warm weather I was not used to I decided to take it easy and ran with my friend Malin. A nice run, finishing in 33:29, good times. Chatted with some people after, my top with my home parkrun printed on it is a good conversation starter. =) 

We decided to skip coffee and started running back to our hotel. The views on that run along the Thames is stunning, and this was absolutely a top run this year. We took it very easy, it was never about pace or time, just about being out there. Very warm so had to stop and get more water, and had some bananas and crisps to fuel up. At Buckingham palace we got stuck among the people who had watched the changing of the guard, so got the opportunity to run a little on the marathon course and to see the finish line being put up. =) 

We made it home after covering nearly 11 miles that morning, with a good feeling. It felt good that I was obviously trained for that kind of run while my friends started struggling. Marathon training pays of. =) Didn't feel very tired after either, only a bit dehydrated. 

In the evening we were invited to dinner at the UJC with the other buzzers, and what an evening. It's like we meet every weekend because there is no need to catch up, but at the same time we always have loads to talk about. A nice meal and a few drinks later and we started to head back. 

Because I'm a huge fan of the royals I knew it might be a good idea to go by Royal Albert Hall this night, since it was the Queens bitrhday concert. We arrived when the concert were over but hung around at, what we thought, was the back of the hall, just in case. Turned out it was the front. Bummer. Decided to take a bus the last part of the way, after all we had ran 11 miles that day. When we reached the bus stop there were some police on motorbikes that startet flashing their lights and stop the trafic, and then a car went flying by with police escort. Turns out it was The Queen herself! Total excitement even though we only managed to catch her grey hair and light coloured dress. =D 

Sunday and the day of the London Marathon, the best day of the eyar to be in Britain! The heat stayed put making it a tough day for the runners, and a very warm day for the support team. We arrived at mile 22 around 9:30 and I had forgotten our spot was in the sun. Many have told stories about the events that day and I won't say too much but it was an amazing day, cheering our buzzers on and getting many sweaty hugs, seeing the elite runners run by, the noice from the crowds when Mo Farah ran past us was something my ears will never forget (even though Maxine wasn't there. =D =D). 

We ended the day at UJC again, nice cold drinks after a day in the sun, and lots of chatting and making plans for the future. =) A wise person decided it was a good idea to leave before that last drink haha, instead we had burgers around the corner and a nice walk to Piccadilly circus where we took the bus back to the hotel. 

Such a great weekend in London, I got my long run finally (got a cold last year and couldn't do it), I did parkrun, I met all the buzzers and I did some shopping. =) What more can a girl ask?

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