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Posted on: 20 May 2018

May 12th. Day 17.

It’s a bit of a landmark in my mind. Clair and I head off to a parkrun in Northwich that we only discovered existed just the weekend before. Parkrun. 3 miles. Long time since I’ve run that far, and after 16 days straight of running a mile a day, 3 is a bit of a push. I really enjoyed the run though, it’s a lovely park, stretches up to the Anderton boat lift, and it was a joy to be running with Clair. There was even a couple of little ramps to make me feel a bit like I was running on a hill.

May 13th. Day 18.

Well this almost brought my little run streak to its end. Getting ready to take the dog for a walk in Tatton we were. I only went to pick up my sunglasses when they dropped on the floor next to the bed, and got a real sudden pain in the left side of my chest. I knew it wasn’t coronary, so told Clair not to worry about that, but the pain was big enough and sharp enough to put me on the floor! Once I was down there, as the initial shock subsided, I couldn’t get back up! Still not exactly sure what happened or how, but as the pain eventually settled into 2 of my ribs, and a later sudden thud in my sternum restored mobility to my shoulder, I think I must have somehow managed to dislocate a rib. Walking through Tatton it remained painful. I surprised myself when we got back, because, determined not to ruin my run streak, I carried on and still did my run. Fought on really. Picked myself a loop and ran near enough 3 miles again.

May 15th. Day 20.

It’s getting harder now. Today more than any other day I did not want to get up early out of bed. But Clair set off walking the dog, and although she said have a lie in and run tonight, I want to spend my evening with her, so up I got, out I went, and got that mile done. Passed her running the opposite way too 😊.

May 17th. Day 22.

Lastnight I went public. Lastnight I wrote a blog. Lastnight I openly stated that 21 days in a row is the longest run streak I’ve ever managed in my life. The point at which I’ve failed before has always been immediately after going public, and it almost happened again today. Tiredness is really setting in now. It was evening before I ran, and under testing circumstances with the children, it wasn’t an easy thing to do. Clair must take the credit here, because without her push and her encouragement, whilst things are really hard for her, today really is a day where I’d have failed on my own.

May 19th. Day 24.

Ended up running twice yesterday after mis-measuring my morning run, and dropping short of the mile. Today’s mile was run after doing 40 miles on the bike. I’ve had it on my mind since I moved here to have a pedal up the Cat & Fiddle. Long time since I’ve cycled that far. More than half a lifetime since I cycled up that road. Think I was 18, 19 at most. I knew it was going to test me. As soon as I was on the bike I had an ache in my chest from last week’s trouble with the rib. Nothing was going to stop me getting up to that pub though. Glad I went. Body isn’t well adapted right now for long rides on the bike. Nothing that won’t be cured by dropping a couple of pound. I hoped I’d make it up there without resorting to my lowest gear. It’s not as tough a climb as riding up the Horseshoe Pass, but gravity would still prefer to keep us all at the bottom of the hill. Still a fight to pedal your way up there. 1st gear had to be engaged briefly about 3/4 of the way up. Bloomin’ arse was sore by the time I got back down! That used to be a comfy saddle when I was a bit more frequently on the bike.

May 20th. Day 25.

Loving the weather right now. My head is very much aware of that “tired legs” feeling in the latter miles of a marathon, and experience tells that feeling starts earlier in Snowdonia. That’s what my sights are set on - being ok with those last few miles. Legs are definitely tired today. Decided I’d run as much as I could on the grass in Tatton. Lessons learned from that; (1) more than 4 miles is too much right now, and (2) no matter how dry it looks, don’t follow the deer tracks into the marsh grasses by that 2nd lake, it is definitely knee deep bog.

Cut back week next week, and I am looking forward to that. 


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