Week 19 - The one with the last week and a lurking cold

Posted on: 30 May 2018

19 weeks (and 3 days) have passed since I started this training plan. Can't believe it's time now. This is how last week went and at the end comes my race plan for Saturday.

After the wedding last Saturday I had gotten cold standing outside waiting for our cab, and I started to feel like a cold was coming. I wanted to squeeze in a long-ish run this week, just for my mind, but I didn't want to push myself too much and have a cold break out at this point. I planned to run home from work on Tuesday and make it a long one, but I didn't feel all well so moved it to Wednesday. Still didn't feel 100% so instead I walked home from work which took me about 2 hours. Not running was ok, I had a break to buy icecream on the way and it was nice and warm, probably would have been to warm for a run but walking was great.

I'm not sure it is a cold I'm feeling, I suspect it could be pollen allergies. I'm not usually allergic but this year is a bad one they say, since we went from cold to insanely warm in such a short time so everything is in bloom at the same time. It could also be that I'm affected by the heat since I felt perfectly fine in the morning and started to feel worse after lunch, when the sun comes in to our office. The walk home didn't make anything worse at least, so that's a good sign I guess. 

I didn't stretch as much after as I do after runs, and that might have been a mistake. My hip and calves felt a bit sore on Thursday, but then got better. I started feeling a bit unwell again on Thursday afternoon so decided to not go to circuit training, just to be on the safe side. 

Saturday was parkrun day again! I was volounteering and had a run planned after. The soft tracks in that area might be good for my broken body, and the forest offers some shade, which I was thankful for when the thermometer showed 27 degrees. I didn't really have a plan, just run and see how I felt. I had an idea of doing a freedom parkrun and then head to the lake for a swim which would make 7 km. But felt good so went for the 8 km track instead and then headed to the lake, making it 10 lovely but warm km. I had water with me so felt ok while running, but took the opportunity to cool the head in another lake I was passing. I think it could be 19-20 degrees in the water! I also had to jump over a snake, it was a small one but I hate them! And it was the poisinous one. (we basically have 2 kinds of snakes here, one is poisinous) Since it was alive I didn't stop and take a picture haha, but I think you can tell from my heartrate where I saw it. =P 

 When my 10k was done I still felt good and there where a lot of people on the beach so I skipped the swim and kept running instead. I made it 12 km/7,5 miles before I was back at my car. A great run, and good to run in the heat, in case the forecast is right and we get 31 degrees in Stockholm next weekend. 

It's getting close now, and as always I don't feel as prepared as I wish I was. Although the weather forecast has taken the edge of it a little. I had really low confidence a few days ago, but now it will only be about making it around in time. They have extended the maximum running time to 6:30 due to the extreme heat that is expected. 
I have waited to make up a race plan until we have a more secure forecast, and now it seems like 27-28 degrees is the final one. So Ihave decided on a plan that is "get to the finish line". I will do run/walk probably 5/1 min, walk while I drink, use the showers along the route, and be smart.

No matter what I will get that amazing medal on Saturday, that is my first goal, and really the one that matters. Finishing is prior to everything else. 1. Finish 2. Don't end up in the medical tent 3. Have a good race 4. Go for a PB (sub 5:38) 5. Sub 5:30. I think that is how my goals should be, that is the proper priorities. 

We'll see if there are any more updates from here before Saturday. Will have my last run tomorrow, just a short jog to get a few kms in the heat. Now eating and drinking everything haha. 

There is an app where you can follow runners in real time (if I carry my phone, which I always do), there is also a website where you get updates every 5k, if anyone want's to track me. Just google stockholm marathon and you will find the way. =) 

Have a good week everyone! 

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