Missed our ‘be a better runner’ Facebook Live Q&A session?

Posted on: 27 Jul 2018

If you were unable to catch our latest Facebook live session with athlete Louise Damen then fear not. We have the whole Q&A on how to be a better runner available for you to watch at your leisure.

During the session Louise answers a multitude of great questions asked by the realbuzz community, providing advice on how to improve your running times and techniques that will make you into a more successful runner.

Some of the key topics covered during the hour long session include:

  • Returning to running after a break
  • Mobility and strengthening exercise
  • Motivation tips
  • Breaking the 2-hour half marathon
  • Dealing with a stitch
  • Taking part in Parkrun
  • Improving running speed, including sprint work and hill work
  • Protein and carb requirements
  • Running twice a day
  • Tips for cross country
  • Using a heart rate monitor in training
  • Injury questions, including shin splints and hip bursitis

Why not put aside an hour to pick up some tips or watch this video on your daily commute. We promise you it will be an hour well spent.



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