The spark re-ignited

Posted on: 26 Aug 2018

So once more I look back and more than 3 months has passed since my previous blog, so much for my New Year resolution.

Unfortunately, I have an excuse, although I’d rather I didn’t. At the start of June Mum moved out of the family home (after 40 years) and into an apartment in a sheltered housing complex near to me. The move went smoothly but 10 days later her back spasmed and she then needed round the clock care as she recovered. I did it myself for 2 weeks, until I had a Care provider lined up.

She was making reasonable progress until she has 2 falls over 10 days and ended up with 8 weeks in total in hospital, the last month in a physical rehab ward. The staff have been amazing, getting Mum well enough to discharge her, which happened last Thursday.

It is great to have her back in her home. We have got 24/7 in home care for her (a luxury that thankfully she can afford and I am very grateful for that) as it gives her a chance to regain independence both physically and mentally build confidence.

My work has been brilliant in allowing me to work as and when (and where) I can, but running has been way down on the priority list.

Since my last blog a few good runs have occurred though.

The Guernsey Ultra was fab, lovely Race Director and crew and the weather was kind enough to give great views. Jim and I stuck together on the cliff section and then split up after that as I found some decent pace once we hit the flat. Sub 7hr 30min was not what I expected at all so was very pleased indeed. The whole long weekend was excellent, including sitting in a pub at the harbourside watching the Royal Wedding with a bunch of “old boys” and an interesting and not at all awkward discussion with a German runner about the quality of the steps the Germans had installed on the cliff path.

I ran into work, 17.5 miles, which was very nice although a bit blooming early. Nearly all on Cycle tracks, footpaths or quiet roads and I did a slightly shorter version on Friday (12 miles) which I may well repeat regularly.

The Hawkesbury 5k was fab, lovely to see everyone if only fleetingly.

Then I managed 7 days on the bounce in the first week of our 2 week holiday to Skye and Edinburgh. Therefore lots of new roads and trails to explore. Skye was absolutely stunning, bleak and desolate at times, sunny and full of wonderful vistas at points. It was hugely relaxing (and much needed).

Having the good fortune to be able to spend some time with Sir Bolty on the Ridgeway has re-kindled my love of ultra events, I’ve not got many miles in the legs, but I feel I can now build in some more running into my life. Snowdonia beckons, but I might stick something in before then.

Happy Running folks

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