The 2018 Oggie Run is coming...

Posted on: 30 Aug 2018

So, it’s that time of year again.  It’s the Great Oggie Run.

Why the Great Oggie Run?

For those of you who may not know him, Oggie is a legend in his own daps.  Having not run a marathon before he was in his 50s, he’s now run hundreds of the things.  He used to blog here; so, he was a Buzzer?  No, he is a Buzzer.  Once you are, it’s in you and you’re in it.  We’ve all had some great ideas, but his was one that was amazing in so many ways.

What’s the Great Oggie Run?

The brilliant idea that Oggie had was for us all to run on one day.  We ran where we wanted, with others or alone.  We ran as far as we wanted.  We ran for a cause close to a Buzzer’s heart.  As I’ve always said, if it matters to one of us, it matters to all of us.  We have many slogans and phrases, but “shoulder to shoulder” is up there with the best of them.

What charities have we supported?

What a roll call it is.  Every one has always meant something so close to one of us.  Here’s the list so far; across these years, we have raised thousands of pounds for charities that are so, so worthy.

2013 – NASS

2014 – Louie’s Helping Hands

2015 – Cardiomyopathy Association

2016 – The Eve Appeal

2017 – Down Syndrome Association

What of 2018?

Well, this one’s going to be emotional.  We all know of Marika, and her brave fight against cancer.  For the time that we have known her, she has been an inspiration.  In so many ways, she epitomised what Realbuzzers are all about; never give in, always fight, look on the bright side, however much you’re hurting you can still support others.  Sadly, Marika lost her fight last week.  Head Coach Hollywood has contacted Marika’s family, and they have asked that we raise money for the Pilgrims Hospices of Kent.

How can we help?

I’ve set up a Just Giving page, and it’s here.  We donate what we want, there is no set amount.  We all know that every charity will make full use of the funds that we raise.  Whatever we can give, it will be generously received.


When’s the date?

Saturday 15 September is the date we’ve set.  A number of us are meeting at St. Alban’s for the Park Run.  Please remember though, it doesn’t matter where we run, or how far.  What is important is that we get out there and we run.  We’ll run because we can, we’ll run for Marika.  I’m sure as we run, there will be a heaven-ward more than once.

We had already agreed on the date.  Hollywood has today heard that the funeral is to be on the 12 September.  If we needed added poignancy, it’s there.  As Marika’s family have asked for family flowers only, we can make sure that we support her and them by the donations that we make to the Charity.

What’s the colour?

Purple.  Purple is the colour that Marika’s family have asked that wear.

So, for Marika, let’s do what Buzzers do best.  Let’s support each other, let’s raise some money for an amazing cause, let’s run.  Let’s paint the country purple.

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