The one with vacation running

Posted on: 05 Sep 2018

After my almost Ultra my legs totally gave up and forced me to rest, in alliance with the bloody, oh I mean wonderful, heat. Yes that heatwave that hit Sweden in May stayed until mid August, with only a few days with rain during that period. A lot of forest fires started, and there was a complete fire ban during most of my vacation, which included barbequing even in your own yard. Never had such a serious situation, all our flowerbeds gave up around midsummer (late June), and our raspberries dried away almost completely. Glad I managed to pick a few small cans before that so I have for the winter. 

Me and mum at the beach. We do things together! =) 

Anyhow, this is not a weather blog, but because it was so hot, 28-35 degrees every day, it didn't feel like a hurry to heal that foot. I cycled to the beach instead of walking, at least that gave a cooling-ish wind. =D A lot of swimming, snorkeling (can't do that every year, the water is usually too cold), boating and all that, and some days just lying down inside because it's too hot to do anything. 

About a week after the Backyard we had a cooler morning than usual, with some overcast, so tried a little jogging. Only made it 300 m to the mailbox before I decided to turn back home, foot was not ready. Instead I did a bit of circuit training, lovely to exercise outside! Actually I didn't run until we were in August, and then just a short 4 km jog, to see how the foot felt. Ot was ok, and as always the best end to a run, right down to the beach to take a swim. 

Last year I made a long-ish trailrun on the last day of vacation, and I felt like doing something like that this year too. I had kind of lost my mojo and my confidence after the backyard, so this was just about enjoying running again. Packed my hydration backpack and went out on the only day with a drizzle and 20 degrees, heading for a large nature reserve nearby our summer house. One of the most beautiful places I know and we even had our wedding pictures taken there. 

I didn't really have a plan, just wanted to be out for as long as I enjoyed it so first I went on the larger, familiar path, then I took of on some of the new ones they marked out this spring. I had an idea where I wanted to turn up, I didn't but got a lovely tour over the rocks. And I really enjoyed it, it was one of the best days on this vacation. All in all I ran about 9 miles, in about 2 hours 15 mins. But I was out longer than that, I paused the Garmin when it was time for water and chocolate break. =) 

After that it was time to head back home. Had been away for almost 4 weeks, a well needed vacation and even though it was hard to go back to work, it was a summer to remember. 

Since then I have discovered that the end of October actually is not very far away, so it was time to start marathon training again. And hill training! Blimey, I never thought I would go for a race like Snowdonia marathon, this place and the people I have gotten to know here have really changed me and how I think of myself. Love you guys! 

Sunday is now longrun day again, haven't done more than 10 miles yet (yikes!) but I'm working on it. Going to enter a hilly 30k race in late September with mum, should be perfece Snowdon training. And did my first hill reps today, haven't done them in 6 months haha! I took the same hill, last time it was deep snow there. Not today I can assure you, 23 degrees when I left. Summer is not over yet! 

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