Up's, Down's and the Great Oggie Run

Posted on: 09 Sep 2018

Ah the ups and downs of trying to keep fit eh?  The feelings that most of us are familiar with as we try and push ourselves on to new adventures and accomplishments.


There have been a few ups and downs for me since my last posting on here.

Before I start rambling let me just remind everyone of the Great Oggie Run taking place this weekend, Saturday 15th September.  It’s for such a worthwhile cause, I know how important a hospice can be when a sad time happens, so please remember why we are doing it.  It is all just a bit more poignant this year I feel.

Those that are planning on joining at St Albans parkrun this year are in for a treat.  This will be the first event held over the new course so you are at least guaranteed a course PB!  For those of you that like running around the lake, fear not it still has two laps included.

Anyone planning on driving I would say get there early as the parking is likely to be busy, there were over 500 runners yesterday and another big crowd is expected next week.

Back to the ups and downs then, these mainly are injury related (surprise surprise).  I have developed new aches and pains since starting running again, Voltarol is now being purchased in bulk quantities!

I now get pain frequently after running at the top of my right hip which is a right nuisance.  I ran the club handicap this week for the first time in years which is good news (an up) however halfway around I knew my hip was going to hurt (a down).  Overall though it is an up as I am at least running again.

Last week I moved up a group at the cycling club (a definite up) as I am more confident that I have improved my cycling this year.  This morning I was really looking forward to riding with the group again but then my right knee decided it wasn’t having any of it (a definite down).  I set off to meet the group but at the first little hill it hurt.  I tried to push on thinking that once it warmed up it would go away.  However, the next little hill and it hurt so much when I tried to put power through it, it actually brought tears to my eyes.    I turned around and went down, funnily enough the pain stopped so I turned back again, tried the hill and guess what?  It bloody well hurt!  Sadly I had to abandon the ride.  Another down.  I have now though got time to update my blog, that is an up!  Every cloud etc.

I am now wrapping myself in cotton wool for the week.  Next Sunday is the event I have been focussed on all year, the London Duathlon and I have already had to compromise my ambition due to an earlier back injury.  Once I knew that I could run again I set myself the target of trying to get as close as possible to the top 20 finishers (in my age category obviously, I am not that stupid!)

Training was progressing well until just before the August Bank Holiday weekend my lower back developed a real pain.  I lost 10 days completely right when I should have been peaking my training.  That was a real downer.

I have now set a more realistic target of just getting around the course and getting a finishers medal.

Just a couple of leg loosening runs for me then this week I think, culminating in the Great Oggie Run on Saturday.

See you soon

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