Entering final countdown territory..

Posted on: 10 Sep 2018

Am I the only one who is now playing the air guitar and humming the riff? "It's the final countdown, Da da da da, da da da da da...."

I hope we're all getting nice and ready for Saturday's run.  We've had some amazing donations already to the Justgiving page.  Realbuzz have been incredibly generous again - let's support them as they support us.  We've also had a donation from Oggie, who first came up with the idea; he'd been a tad quiet on FB as of late, and so it was lovely to see that he's still thinking of us and supporting us.  A running friend of Marika, from the club where she ran, has also donated; we're one big family aren't we?

Remember that you can run where you want (it certainly doesn't have to be St.Alban's, although there's going to be a mighty gathering of Buzzers there.  Not only is it of course a run to honour Marika's memory and to raise money for the hospice that helped her so much, but it's also Nick's 200th Park Run.  What an ambassador for Park Runs specifically, but the wonders of running generally, he is).

So, run where you want.  Run as far as you want.  If you're able to wear purple, that was Marika's colour and so it'd be fab if we can.  Could you get some photos and ensure that they're uploaded to FB?

Of course, if you're able to donate, then you know that the funds will be gratefully received and put to a good cause.


Remember, none of us will be running alone.  Whether we are together, or by ourselves, on this day of all days, we will have our fellow Buzzers running with us shoulder to shoulder.  There is no better feeling.

Let's paint the country purple.  For Marika.  

On a yard.

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