The Starting Point

Posted on: 22 Sep 2018

So where do I start?

Lets go back a few weeks, where I could not due to a neurologlical problem that has affected my breathing to the point that even a short walk of 100m would leave me short of breath were I would have to stop and rest. This was due to the after effects of Shingles which left damge to the Intercoastal Nerves. Been prescribed a patch to assist with the 'pain management' I have been able to return to exercise.

Due the time that the Shingles was affecting me, I lost my mum, this was only 4 months after my dad. So whilst sitting around living with this pain, and been the stubbon person that I am, the keyboard :-) filled an entry to the Jurassic Coast Ultra Challlenge. A 100km Run / Walk from Poole to Bridport, it is the finishing town that was the draw, Bridport was were mum was born. So challenge set, anyone that knows me would realise that I would prefer to swim it than shuffle it. So instead of the endurance swim I had planned for 2019, I need to relearn would my body is capable of and so this I think will push those limits.

I say shuffle as you can see from my profile I also live with a Neuromuscular / Spinal Cord condition that has reduced the power in my legs. I have done sport all my life and as a Supervet refuse to give in, even thou you will find me at the back, often one of the last finishers. Getting to the start line is a challenge itself, let alone crossing the finish line. 

To benchmark where I am, I had an entry to the Great North Run, this is a run that I have been for many years and decided to take the trip to Newcastle to complete in whatever way I could, so the shuffle to South Shields was done and my path on the Jurassic Coast venture has begun.

It is not going to be easy, and it going to be one h*** of a challenge for me, so why not join me of the highs and lows in getting to Bridport in June. If I can raise some funds for "Mind" along the way it will be a bonus.

I have quite a recognisable waddle when I run, so please when you pass me, a nice freindly hello will help. Any advice please send in, I know I am a Triathlon Coach, but self coaching for this, so class you as a fellow athlete as my motivator.

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