New York - one more sleep

Posted on: 03 Nov 2018

Good Morning from New York! 

Wow!it feels incredible to finally be here.  Running in this event has been on my plans for 5 years, but family commitments, half term falling wrongly and then my best friend  sudddenly getting married all conspired against me.  This year I booked early!!😁😁 weddings babies and other major life evens can happen without me. 

The plan for today is to pick up our running numbers, and then try to take it easy for the day.  It’s great that a whole possum of friends and family have also come out to support but we need to avoid being pulled out to play with them today- the party can start after the run tomorrow. 

It’s a crazy early start. We have to get bussed out to Staten Island at 6.30am before they shut the roads. Then the race starts at 10.40am. 5 boroughs, 5 bridges to cross to the finish in Cenral Park. 

For anyone wanting to follow , there is a fantastic tracking app- look for TCSNYC marathon. 

My running number is 46586, for Gary it’s 47151

We are on the orange start, wave 3 , starting at 10.40am which I think will be 3.40 pm In the uk ( 4 hours time difference today but the clocks change here tonight) 

Race plan -As always I will aim for 10min miles, definitely no faster. Get to half way in about 2.12-2.15 hrs and then who knows. Hopefully keep the 19 mile demon at bay. Around  4.40 finish would be great, sub 4.30 would be off the scale amazing .But  I have dreamed of running this for such a long time that in lots of ways enjoying the run and soaking up the atmosphere is what I want most. Time Irrelevant

Sooo excited 


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