Beautiful weekend

Posted on: 18 Nov 2018

Hi all, and what a fabulous weekend of weather we've had, especially down here in Sussex. Only 1 week to go until the Richmond Park Half Marathon, and with that in mind I managed a 10 mile afternoon training run today with a time of 1hour, 37 mins & 50 secs.

So, is that fast enough to hit a sub 2 hour HM? Err, well it works out as 9.8 mins per mile, so times 13.2 = 129.4 mins, so basically 10 mins over. That's a little disappointing as I think my 10 mile time was my best yet! Still, who knows what next week will bring & I'm looking forward to the challenge. And, of course, my main goal is a sub 2 hour HM in March, for the Vitality London HM.

I wish I could post pictures, but I can't get it to work, will keep trying as I'm sure it'll make the posts a bit more interesting.

All the best to all my readers.


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