The year I ran a half.

Posted on: 04 Jan 2019

I'm going to wake up tomorrow, fuel up and go run 10k. This is a very big deal. If you know me you may be laughing. 'Shut up,' you say. 'Big deal, my foot,' you say.

No. I'm going to fuel up and go RUN. 10k.

The last time I actually RAN 10k was summer before last. It was with a bunch from work. It was pretty slow, labored, difficult, painful, disheartening. But I did it. I ran. I didn't take a walk break. 

It was two loops of Regents Park, with a group from the gym at work. They were done ages before me, some in the 40s, some 50s. Me, one hour ten plus. It was slow. 

I haven't run 10k since then.

The run/walk thing has been magic to keep injury at bay, to explore longer distances, to improve the ones I'd already become familiar with. But deep down I really DON'T want to run/walk. I want to be strong enough to RUN. There, I said it.

I'm underperforming.

So now, after six marathons, two ultra marathons, many mountains, loads of halves, all run/walk, and one magic month of daily runs concluding with a first ever sub 30 5k, my first 2019 goal is to run a half.

I'm going to write it again to be sure I've committed and I am accountable.

I'm going to train. I'm going to push. I'm going to run 13.1 miles without stopping. In March. 2019.

There are way bigger fish to throw on the coals in 2019 but I'm starting with this pretty significant change and I'm hoiking it into March. The Big Half is going to be a REALLLLLLLLLY BIG HALF. 

I have our Chairman Jim to thank for the confidence boost via throwing the proverbial gauntlet and enticing us to complete that December Marcothon challenge, whereby I was - to my great disbelief - able to run 25 minutes plus per day for a month without bursting into flames. In fact the biggest problem I had during the course of the challenge was the world's worst hangover which seemed to have lasted about a week. I pushed through that, I pushed through a whole slew of discomfort and came out with that beautiful sub 30 5k and a feeling that I could quite possibly conquer the world. Point me to the sales quickly as I don't need any more disintegrating shoes!

The year starts with a Big Half, and includes so far a 20 mile trail jog come May in the Peak District, my first 100k in July again in the Peak District, and a second go at Snowdonia come October. Pop in the Westminster Mile and the HU5K, and that's about it. There aren't any other races in the diary at the moment. Life right now is race enough. Work is mayhem but I now actually work in support of some of my Buzzer friends and that is quite possibly about as fulfilling as life can get, mayhem or not.

I've entered a billion competitions to win a billion different race places and an ambassador place with a brand I absolutely love which will come to light over the next few weeks. Life could ease up or go absolutely ballistic. That's what all the people say, as they say...

Through it all I will run. I will run a half. Let's start there.

Baby steps.

Go forth and...


For the record, I tried (and tried and triedandtriedandtried) to post a 2018 wrap up blog here, but it wouldn't load which seems to be common on Realbuzz these days so it's on my own blog in case you want a read:


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