Halfway House

Posted on: 16 Jan 2019

It's only going to be a quick blog this, but it's one I need to get down.

I'm struggling.

I made a commitment to a friend, a good friend. One I value more highly than I think she'll ever now. One who inspires me, and many other people, way more than she will ever know. One who has more strength than she will ever recognise. One who does not understand that what she sees as her weakness, the anxiety and depression she suffers, I see as her greatest strength, for she overcomes the barriers it presents, every, single, day! 

She's been struggling with breast cancer. As if facing up to going in to Sainsbury's when just getting as far as the car park has made you physically sick wasn't challenging enough on its own, breast cancer threw down the gauntlet too.

Has she crumbled? Has she given in? Has she let it beat her?

Has she hell!

She's got more backbone that one than you'd find in a herd of brontosaurus!

I wish she could see for herself just what an incredible, spirited human being she truly is.

Anyways, she said she'd do this RED January thing, and me being me, so did I. Figured we might help eachother a bit, you know with motivation and that. Running every day ain't easy, especially if you're doing it in pain.

Now whatever pain I might be feeling it pales into insignificance when you stack it up against what other people have to face, so I ain't gonna whinge about that.

I'm just going to say that I can celebrate making it to halfway, day 16 of a 31 day month. Halfway done. You can't call it halfway on the 15th, that's like having your lunch break at a time where you work longer in the afternoon than in the morning. Nobody wants their day to be like that.

For some reason nothing was going to cut it tonight if it was anything less than 10k. I don't know why. I ain't been running that far lately, and I'm trying to build up my mileage nice and slow, so as not to injure myself again.

Am I happy with my 10k?

Actually I am. 

It's far removed from the kind of times I have run 10k in the past, but then, I'm a stone heavier than I was at that time, and it ain't a stone of muscle it is definitely 14lbs of fat. So the last 10k I did on 30th December felt fast because of the effort level, but really was (for me) quite slow.

This time out felt easier, I had a kick in my legs at the end, enjoyed it a whole lot more and actually ran it faster too, so all in all, a good job. There's a hint there of improvement, so how can I not be happy about that?

Today: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/3305621274

Dec 30th: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/3257959109

Hopefully doing a fell race on Conwy Mountain Sunday. Hope the weather lets it still go ahead.

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