A False Start

Posted on: 21 Jan 2019

o a lot has changed since I last ran Edinburgh Marathon in 2017. Despite me wanting this to be my last marathon (5 seems like enough) my performance = poor. Race conditions = poor. Time = massively poop. 

I can't sign off marathon running with that surely? No I can't. So here I am, a student nurse now, in theory blocks with a lot of academic work to be writing right now and here I am, reflecting on what just didn't work in 2017 and looking at my best ever marathon performance - time, enjoyment factor and expectations met with a smile on my face in Paris in 2016.

My best ever performance was fuelled with crosstraining and company on my long runs. I was also fuelled with a not so consistent attempt at dropping some more lbs, but it did happen and I was the lighest i've been for a long time. 

Problem being I have had a virus since 27 December 2018 and I am now hit with a bloody cold. Here I was all raring to go and i've yet to manage a long run and i'm panicking. I'm managing Crossfit but I dare not lift anything very heavy at the moment or push myself too hard in order to not rattle my CNS. 

People have said to me that our body doesn't know the difference between stresses on our body. It responds the same way to physical stress as it does to emotional, work or finanical stresses. Besides being in my final year with a lot going on, the thing that is actually stressing me out is that I am a lot heavier at the moment than I was at Paris. This coupled with a false start into my long run training is starting to take its effect on my mindset. 

So if any of you out there have some words of wisdom to help me overcome my brain fog i'll gladly listen :)

I know there are always bumps in the road on the way to a marathon, but its pretty soul destroying to me to watch my buddies achieving so much already mid January when i've only managed 5K so far this year. So - people of real buzz, how do you get out of this head funk?

Hopefully see some of you on the start line on 28 April xx

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