Some days it’s hard.

Posted on: 22 Jan 2019

Some days I haven’t slept well the night before.

Some days I’m dehydrated.

Some days I feel lethargic and know I’m far from 100%.

Some days I’ve got a million and one things on my mind.

Some days I haven’t managed to eat properly, or get away from work on time, or catch a breath while I’m working because it’s been so busy all day long.

Some days there’s a real risk of getting depressed if I let certain things depress me.

Some days I really feel the injuries that have built up over the years, be they from bumps and scrapes and crashes, or arthritic kind of pains, or from my stubbornness and RSI’s.

Some days I just feel like I want to drink and forget about the world and all the **** it's been throwing at me that day, or week, or month or year.

Some days it all adds up to I’ve just got a massive headache and what I need is a quiet, darkened room.

Some days life is just all a bit too much. Or rather too much of it is going badly or wrong.

Some days I just want to hide.

Some days I wish I’d not committed to the idea of running every day, because I’m not motivated, the weather is dire, it’s icy underfoot, and I have no desire to put myself out there in the cold when I’ve been shivering in a warehouse all day long.

These are the days where I have to forget about being me.

These are the days in which I have to remember: 

You don’t have to be who you are, you can be anyone you choose to be.

(as long as it’s not somebody else that is - just a slightly better version of you).

Not that there’s actually anything wrong with you.

You’re just having a bad day.

You don’t have to let it win.

You can choose to be victorious. You can choose to beat the day.


I’m going for my run!


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