Pre-Snowdon taper

Posted on: 04 Feb 2019

The week after Lidingöloppet I didn't feel very well. It wasn't anything obvious like a sore throat or a fever, just a feeling of unwell. During some of my runs the last few weeks I had experienced trouble taking deep breaths, much like what I felt in Stockholm in June. I also had trouble sleeping with my heart racing and a general bad feeling. I decided to have a check up, just to be sure, you don't want to take a chance when it comes to you heart. My regular health center didn't seem to think this was anything to be concerned about, they offered me an appointment with a doctor 5 weeks later. But I couldn't wait that long, that was after Snowdon and I didn't want to take on that challenge if I wasn't sure my heart was fit for it.

Thankfully I found another doctor that could see me just a day later, and she was such a lovely woman. She listened to my concerns, did a thorough check-up on lungs and heart, including an EKG, and took lots of tests. Her initial diagnosis was that I was perfectly fine, but probably suffered from stress and anxiety since my symptoms was pretty spot on for that. And when she said it, it felt so right. The tests that came back a few days later showed the same thing, I was absolutely physicaly healthy, so my issues was most certainly more mental. But she didn't think I needed time of work, so I had a chat with my boss and told her about my situation and she took it very serious and tried to help me take some workload of and arranged talks with HR. 

(I did go to that appointment at my health center, and that doctor also thought it was stress but her solution was to stop eating carbs and to eat sleeping pills. This conclusion was made without even asking me about my eating habits, training or anything. Needless to say, I did not follow her advice.)

Just to get it on paper, that there was nothing wrong with me made me calmer, so I tried to keep up with the training but not pushing it too hard. At least I had her GO for Snowdon and that's what mattered at that point. I also got such great support from the Buzzers, which helped me feel less lonely about this. 

I had done my last long long run before Snowdon but tried to stay active and keep up with physical activity. I tried to cycle to work a few days, I did circuit training and I ran longer on Sundays. My last long-ish run was 2 weeks before Snowdon, a 10 miler along the sea, and I could run in shorts and sleeveless shirt. In mid-october! The weather really was wicked this year. The run went well, I could keep a decent pace on the flat cycle path, and things in general felt good. 

I might have taken tapering to the edge this time, only 3 runs in the last weeks before Snowdon, but this was what I could cope with. Snowdon was only about finishing anyway, so no specific goal to reach there. I really looked forward to the trip though, another highlight of the year meeting the buzzers. 

I  had a sports massage on Monday the week of the marathon, to get the legs fresh and happy. I had some troubles with my achilles that didn't appriciate my hill training so it was good to get that to loosen up as well. And then it was just packing left before a well needed weekend away with the best team ever! But that's another story. =) 

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