Snowdonia weekend past race

Posted on: 25 Feb 2019

This blog has absolutely no running in it, not even a run for a train. It is mostly for me to remember this weekend, so feel free to click next if you want to. =)

After the race and a little recovery on my room it was time for the annual big buzzer bonanza at the Royal Victoria. The walk there was just what my legs needed, it wasn't very fast so I didn't manage do catch up with Nick and Max who walked ahead of me, but I wasn't far behind. =) 

I didn't really feel very hungry since I had been snacking pretty much since I had crossed the finish line, so I had no idea how I should be able to finish a 3-course meal. But somehow I managed. Soup for starters was a good idea, the chicken burger was a little dry and boring (will go for beef next time, forget healty choices!) and pudding was quite ok. 

As always the chatting was non-stop, and it was a nice evening. Me and many others were tired though, so it wasn't a very late evening for me. I got company almost all the way back to the hotel, just headed into that supermarket again, to be sure I had cold water and what ever I might need for the night (I don't drink the tap water, it has a weird taste that I'm not used to). I filled up with a bit more crisps and rehydration drink before finally getting into bed. 

I wish I could say I had a good nights sleep, but you all know how it is after a marathon. The legs feel wierd, muscles hurting everywhere, the feet are cold but don't feel comfortable under the duvet, and waking up every time you need to turn around. I woke up sometime around 8, needing the loo, and after that I didn't go back to sleep. Instead I made a cup of tea, watched some tv, read some news. But as I had tickets for the train up Snowdon I had to get going soon. 

I had to pack all my things before I left, since I had to leave the room before noon. My new, smaller suitcase was quite full since I didn't want to carry a lot in my backpack during the day. Getting it down the narrow staircase was a bit of an adventure, I might have woken some of the other guests there. =P 

It was another cold but sunny day outside, I was glad I had a lot of layers on. At the train station I met up with Kathy and Richard, and Max, had another cup of tea while we waited for our train to depart. The train was full so me and Kathy didn't get to sit together, but I shared compartment with a nice bunch of people who let me have a seat by the window. It was very sunny so sunglasses was good, and it was not at all cold in the train. 

The views were so incredible, much better than last year when it was foggy and damp. I could see the road we ran the day before, and we got lots of views of the summit on the way up. We also saw the mountain rescue helicopter pick two people up, so sorry to hear they were not well but at the same time glad it was not any of the walking buzzers. It was icy when we got near the top, so I was very glad I wasn't walking with my tired legs. Just as we approached the top station I could see Jim on the path, we managed to get to the top at exactly the same time! Perfect timing. 

It was cold and a bit windy at the top. I was a bit afraid of falling and even more worrying about Kathy on her crutches. I didn't go up to the summit this time, it was very icy on the steps. I did walk a bit down to get nice pictures but it was so so icy, so I went back up again. A quick chat with the buzzers before the train was to depart again and then we were on our way back down. Just as nice train ride and this time I got to sit on the other side of the carriage so got another view this time. 

It was so nice sitting there just taking in the views, but at the same time there were also the feeling of a great weekend coming to an end. When we got back down Max and Richard met up with us. I was hungry again (refueling, oh yes!) so got me a burger for lunch while we waited for the walkers to get back down. Max and Richard did a little yoga to soften up the body, which gave us a great laugh.  The Millers left, a long drive ahead of them, and me and Max spent a while in the gift shop, buying some welsh dragons and a new mug for my office. =)  

I didn't want to leave Llanberis but at the same time didn't want to get back to Manchester too late in the evening, so I decided to go for the direct service from Bangor. Max drove me to the station, and we were both so tired, laughing our a*ses of over the name Caernarforn. Good times, good times. We made it to the station with time to spare and said goodbye. =( 

The train was on time, the journey uneventful, and made it to Manchester without trouble. Getting up from the seat and lift the bag of the train was my biggest issue. =P I was hungry once again so after researching restaurants on the train I decided on a caribbean restaurant close to my hotel. Turned out they had 2 for 1 on drinks on Sunday nights so a lot of Rum punch for me! And the most amazing jerk chicken one could ask for outside Jamaica. Brilliant meal. 

Went back to the hotel to catch the marathon summary on tv, with coke and crisps and my feet plumped up on pillows. A lot of packing and unpacking this weekend, I was going home the next day but in the evening so I had some time to spend in Manchester. Not a lot of room for shopping (no new shoes this time), but stocking up on tea, magazines and another round at Boots was necessary. If they searched my bag they might wonder about all the pills in it hahaha. It was another sunny day, I was really lucky with the weather this time. 

For the last time this trip I dragged my bag to Manchester Piccadilly in the afternoon. Made it to the airport in good time and did some shopping there while I waited for the flight to London. My flight was a bit delayed, but the only worry I had was that I wouldn't have time to buy something to eat between the flights. We made it to Heathrow almost on time, but had to wait a while because they didn't manage to get the exit thing fixed to the plane. In the end we had to use the stairs and go outside and then up stairs inside. It was not pretty but I made it haha. 

I rushed through Heathrow to get some decent dinner, pick up some christmas gifts I had planned, and in the middle of it all the card terminals went out of business. No one could pay by card in Terminal 5 and I had to leave some of my things to go to my flight. =/ But it turned out this flight was also delayed, due to technical issues. Decided I had time to get cash and get my food and gifts after all. =) I even had time to eat. In the end we were about an hour delayed, the plane had had a flat tire when it landed so it was a pretty easy thing to fix. 

It was a very tired swede landing in Gothenburg close to midnight, thank god my luggage came pretty fast and my hubby was waiting for me outside. Another perfect buzzers weekend had come to an end, and I was so happy. It was just what I needed at this time, to recharge, to feel energized and to be among good friends. Thank you all for that!! 

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